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Through the 2009 season, that was January 5, 1992 when the Lions defeated the Dallas Cowboys, 38-6. The following week, the Lions lost the NFC championship game to the Redskins in Washington.

The Lions have played four home playoff games in their existance, the 1991 Divisional Playoff game listed above and the 1935, 1953, and 1957 NFL Championship games. They won all four of those games.

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Q: When is the last time the Detroit Lions won a home playoff game?
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Did the Detroit Lions ever play a game in Michigan Stadium?

I found the answer before anyone even had a chance to reply.....The Detroit Lions did play a professional football game in Michigan Stadium, on September 22, 1971. They played the defending champion Baltimore Colts.

What city are the Detroit Lions from?

Detroit, Michigan is the home of the Lions.

What do the Detroit Redwings fans throw on the ice after home playoff wins?


In what stadium do the Lions play?

Ford Field is the home stadium of the Detroit Lions.Detroit is in Michigan.

When did Detroit Lions last win at home?

Against the rams

What stadium was the redskins last home playoff game?

Through the 2008 season, the last Redskins home playoff game was January 8, 2000 and was played at FedEx Field, which had been known as Jack Kent Cooke Stadium until the naming rights were sold to FedEx in November, 1999. The Redskins defeated the Detriot Lions, 27-13.

Does dallas play at home on thanksgiving every year?

Yes. It has become a tradition for the Dallas Cowboys to play a late afternoon home game on Thanksgiving Day, just as the Detroit Lions have long played an early afternoon home game on the last Thursday in November. Dallas occasionally also gets a home game on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

How many consecutive home game wins did the Buffalo Bills have from 1990 to 1991?

Including playoffs, 17. The Bills won all 10 home games (8 regular season and 2 playoff) in the 1990 season and the first 7 in the 1991 season. The streak was broken on December 22 when the Bills lost to the Detroit Lions in overtime, 17-14.

Which NFL team calls Motor City home?

Detroit Lions

Will Detroit Lions beat Green Bay Packers?

Both teams are real hot right now.......Detroit historically can be hard to beat at home Thanksgiving Day, so I would think GB needs a huge effort to win...I would give Detroit a slight advantage at home......Green Bay then plays the Lions the last game of the season at Lambeau, so I would the Packers the advantage at home.

When was the last time the Detroit Lions beat the Pittsburgh Steelers?

As of the 2008 season, the last time the Lions won at Lambeau was December 15, 1991 when they defeated the Packers 21-17. Between 1992-1994, the Packers' home game against the Lions was played in Milwaukee. The Lions lost all three of those games. So the Lions have lost 16 straight games on the road against the Packers and 13 straight at Lambeau.

Did the Arizona Cardinals win a playoff game at home in 2004?

No. Prior to the 2008 playoffs, their last home victory in the playoffs was the 1947 NFL Championship Game when the defeated the Philadelphia Eagles, 28-21. This game was also the Cardinals' only home playoff game prior to the 2008 season.