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never ole miss baby

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Q: When is the last time Mississippi state university won a football national championship?
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Has the University of Southern Mississippi ever won a football national championship?

The University of Southern Mississippi was voted by the UPI as national champions in football in both 1958 and 1962 in what was then know as the"Small College Division." USM was called Mississippi Southern College at the time of its national championships.

Has Mississippi State University ever won a national championship?

No they haven't one a national championship

Did Eli Manning win a national championship at the University of Mississippi?

During Eli Manning's 4 years at the University of Mississippi he had an outstanding record. However, the school did not win a national championship.

Has the University of Maine football team ever won a National Championship?

The Maine Bears have never won a National Championship in football.

Who has the most AP football national championship?

University of Alabama

Has the university of Missouri ever won a football national championship?


Has duke university ever won a national championship in football?


Who won the national championship in football in 2008?

The University of Florida

Has the university of Utah ever won a football national championship?


Has Stanford university ever won a football national championship?


When did clemson university win the national championship in football?

clemson won the nat'l championship in 1981.

What years did the university of Tennessee win the football national championship?

what years did Tennessee went championship

What years did University of Oklahoma win national championship in football?


Has Colorado State University ever won a national football championship?


How many national championship has University of Florida won?

3 football

What university won the 2010 ncaa football national championship?


In college football who won the championship in 2007?

Lousiana State University beat Ohio St. University for the National Championship.

Did the badgers ever win national championship?

According to the College Football Data Warehouse, the University of Wisconsin Badgers football team has not yet won a national championship.

Who won the 1956 national championship in football?

University of Oklahoma Sooners won.

How many times has the University of Florida played for a National Championship in football?


What college has a national football championship a Heisman winner and president?

University of Michigan

Who won the 1984 national championship in college football?

Brigham Young University

How many national championship University of Miami has won in college football?


Which ncaa team has 3 peat football national championship?

Appalachian State University

Which team won NCAA football national championship 2008?

Lousiana State University