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Appalachian State University

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Q: Which ncaa team has 3 peat football national championship?
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What does four peat means?

That you win the Tournament/Championship 4 years in a row

What nba team did a 3 peat?

Chicago bulls did 3-peat two times , and also los angelos lakers did 3-peat once from what I know. EDIT: It was also done by the Boston Celtics, who won the the 1958-1959 Championship through the 1965-1966 Championship, an astounding 8 seasons in a row. The first team to Three Peat was the Minneapolis Lakers, winning all three championships from 1951-1952 through 1953-1954.

How many three peats do the Los angeles Lakers have?

They currently have 1 three peat during the Shaq era however if the Lakers win another championship at the end of the 2011 season then they will have a second three peat

How many times did NBA LA Lakers win NBA championship and a row?

Most recent is the three peat from 1999-2001

What are the stages of peat?

The bog is drained. The peat is harvested. The peat is transported. The peat is marketed. >They are the 4 stages of peat.

What is the Hebrew word for peat?

Peat or Peat Moss = kavúl (כבול)

Is peat moss the same as peat?

No, peat moss is a growing, living plant, when peat moss dies and given the right conditions it will eventually become peat.

What has the author T H Leavitt written?

T. H. Leavitt has written: 'Facts about peat as an article of fuel' -- subject(s): Peat 'Facts about peat, peat fuel and peat coke' -- subject(s): Peat

What was the main headline for sports in the US in 2002?

Maybe the Los Angeles Laker's three-peat, or Team USA's historic collapse at World Championship in Indiana.

Where can peat be found?

Peat occurs in former bogs and swamps. Ireland is famous for its peat.

What is the birth name of Scott Peat?

Scott Peat's birth name is Scott A. Peat.

What is the difference between peat based compost and peat free compost?

Peat adds acid. So, if you need to add acid to your soil, you want to use something with peat. We added peat to our blueberry plantings. If you don't need the acid, then get the peat-free stuff. Peat based compost,as the name suggests, contains peat. Peat free compost does not contain peat but some other organic matter. This excercise is driven by the Green lobby who fear that the planet will run out of peat and implode.

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