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It is better to eat before a sport. You should actually eat 3 hours before the sport so the food can digest and that energy from the food can be saved and used in your body. A good meal is Pasta, with apples and salad and Orange Juice or water. NO ENERGY DRINKS OR GATORADE OR ANY SUGARY DRINK. It will slow you down and for me to much Gatorade gives me a stomach ache. Drink tons of water also.

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If you want to eat, better eat 15 minutes after the sports, if you want to drink water, you can drink when half time or after sports.

Better Info:

Soccer: 30 min after sport

Badminton: 15 min

Basketball: 20 min

Squash: 15 min

It based on how intense the sport is.

Hope this helps.

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The best time to play a sport will depend on the sport itself.

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Q: When is the best time to play any sport?
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