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The best time to play a sport will depend on the sport itself.

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Q: When is the best time to play any sport?
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What is the best sports play of all time?

There are several top plays, and plays that have been done in order to end games in virtually every sport imaginable. It would be impossible to determine the best play of any sport.

What sport does Mexico play best?

Mexico play best at football or tennis bcause you don't here them in any other sport

Are the Yankees the best team ever to play any sport?

no the Florida Gators

What sport can only men play?

Women can play any sport they have a womans football league. So basically women can play any sport

What is sport will be helpful for your body?

Any sport you play

What sport should I play?

Any sport You like

What sport does rebecca adlington play?

she doesn't play any sport however she is a swimmer

Why is cheer the best sport?

It isn't. The best sport is all in your opinion. You can't prove any sport is the best

What sport needs six players to play?

Hockey has 6 players on the ice at a time. Including the goalie. I can't think of any sport that would only have six. But hockey has six at a time.

What sport did Zeus play?

he did not play any sports

Is hockey a team sport?

Yes, you play hockey as a team. Hockey has some of the best team fights in any professional sport! The best number of players on a team would be 15 so therefore, you will have some substitutes.

What is the best practice for any sport?

The best practice is probobly exersicing and getting used to the sport

Is there a sport that someone does not have to be fit for in order to play?

You can play any sport without being fit, you just probably won't play very well.

Michael Jordan now plays basketball on what team?

Michael Jordan does not currently play, as he is the owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. He does play golf as a hobby on his spare time, but he does not play professionally in any sport.

Soccer is need or entertainment?

need it's the best sport ever and if you don't believe me ask yourself why there's a world cup where they play soccer and not a world tournement devoted to any other sport.

What is the best sport for small frame girls?

Rhythmic Gymnastics.. it's the best sport for any girl.

How do you play an Inca sport called paintball?

There is no record of any Incan sport of "paintball"

Are you forced to do a sport in high school?

No, schools will never force you to play any sport.

What sport did neil Armstrong play?

Neil Armstrong didn't play any sport but he is famous for the first men landing on the moon

Did Hitler play any sports?

Yes, it is said that Adolf Hitler did play one sport. The sport he is rumored to of played was Cricket.

Is paintball fun to play?

Yes paintball is an amazing sport to play ive been playing for about 6 years now and im not thinking about quiting any time soon

What sports do Chileans play?

They play football, basketball, TENNIS, rugby- any sport you play, they play.

Did the Pilgrims play any sports?

No, they didn't have time for sports. The only thing they did that is kinda like a sport today was hunting, but they didn't do it for fun. They did it to put food on the table so I wouldn't call it a sport.

Why you should play any sport?

because participating in sport will get you some exercise, and exercise is good for you.

What are sports that you can play in autumn?

Really any sport