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A ball is considered dead when it goes out of bounds or is fumbled.

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Q: When is the ball considered dead in football?
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In football the ball is dead when?

A ball is considered dead when it goes out of bounds or is fumbled.

When is the ball dead in a football game?

When the ball is thrown and it hits the ground it's dead. Or if the runner loses the ball after his knee is down the ball is dead. And in cases where flags are thrown the ball and the play is dead.

Where is the Dead ball line in football?

the line of scrimmage

Is a pitched ball that hits a bird considered dead?

The ball is dead right after it hits the bird

If the football hits the goalpost from a field goal is it playable?

No, any kick that strikes the goal post is considered a dead ball because the goal posts are considered to be out of bounds.

When does a dead ball cease to be a dead ball?

AnswerOnce the ball is considered dead the play is over; it does not become live again until the start of the next phase of play:In American football, this is at the next snap.In cricket, this is at the point of delivery of the next ball.In sports with a defined playing field, this is when the ball is reinserted into play.

What do dead-ball sitution mean?

it is a skill in football if you play football you have dead-ball skill.and if you do a head attack also do a spring attack in a football match.a spring attack is when you roll and you kick it high.

Can you run back football that bounces off goalpost?

dead ball, goal posts are considered same as out of bounds, unless ball goes through. in that case, it is a field goal, 3- points.

Mustang baseball player was walked to 1st base is the ball considered a dead ball?

No it's live ball,but if the batter is hit by a pitch it's a dead ball.

How many yards or you penalized for a dead ball personal foul in football?


In football if a ball carriers touches the ground with the ball is it a dead ball?

no, it is not a dead ball (otherwise you wouldn't be able to pick up a ball off of the ground on a kickoff or punt). The ball carrier has to touch a knee or elbow to be ruled down.

Can you grab the football out of the hands of a football player?

Yes, as long as the player is not considered tackled a defensive player may strip the ball from the ball carrier.

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