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The PDC darts World Championship in the year of 2014 is going to be on May 16th. The event will be hosted in London at the O2. You can reserve tickets now.

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Q: When is the PDC darts World Championship in the year 2014?
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What date is the FIBA World Championship in 2008?

there is no fiba world championship this year

What is darts biggest attendance?

The previous world record crowd for a darts event saw 14,354 spectators at the London & The South Divisional final of the News of the World Championship in 1939, while the previous PDC record was set earlier this year as over 12,000 fans attended Night Four of the Unibet Premier League in Berlin.

Will there be a figure skating world championship for 2012?

Yes, there is a world championship every year, though when the olympics come, the world championship is afterwards.

Who won the world darts championship in 1979?

It was John Lowe winning only £4,500 how times have changed last year the PDC winner Adrian Lewis picked up a cheque of £200,000 join my facebook page follow the link

When are the annual world darts championships?

The PDC (Professional Darts Corporation) holds its World Championships every year starting in December with the winner being named on January 1st.

What is the difference between pdc darts and world darts championships 2010?

In professional darts, there are two main organisations. BDO (British Darts Organisation) and PDC (Professional Darts Corporation). There is fierce rivalry between the two. The BDO used to be the only one, but some of the top players like Phil Taylor thought the owners didn't do enough to get big tournaments and good prize money. So he and a few other players broke away and started the PDC in 1992. The PDC has all the best players, the better tournaments and better prize money. The PDC World Championship is held at Alexandra Palace in London, usually from mid December to early January. The most recent 2010 Championship had 72 players with a winners' cheque of £200,000. The BDO World Championship is held at Frimley Green in Surrey, this year it had 32 players with a winners' cheque of £100,000. It is usual for BDO players to make the switch to the PDC if they want to become full time, and it is called darts' bitter divide.

Do the FIDE conduct world chess championship every year?

No...FIDE conducts the World Chess Championship every two years. The World Chess Championship has been undisputed since 2006; the complications of unifying the previously fractured world championship led to World Chess Championship events in 2007, 2008, and 2010. Now that those complications have been resolved, the World Chess Championship will be held every two years. The next match will be in 2012...the challenger for the World Champion (Viswanathan Anand) will be decided at the Candidates Tournament to be held in May 2011. The winner of the 2012 World Championship will defend his title in 2014.

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The year was 1903

What year was the first World Series Championship played?

In 1903.

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