When is kickoff time for 2009 Super Bowl?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Super Bowl 43 kick off time is officially listed at 6:20 pm Eastern.

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Q: When is kickoff time for 2009 Super Bowl?
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What time is kickoff of 2009 Super Bowl?

5:25pm CT

What is Super Bowl kickoff time in 2009?

Around 6:15pm.

What time is the 2009 Super Bowl kickoff in central standard time?

5:20 pm

What time is kickoff for the 2009 Super Bowl?

The kick off time for Super Bowl 43 is officially listed as 6:20 pm ET.

What time will 2009 Super Bowl air in Illinois?

5:00 pm Central Time is when coverage of the Super Bowl begins. The actual kickoff is set for 5:28pm Central Time.

When is Super Bowl kickoff time dutch time?


Why Super bowl kickoff time so late?

Super Bowl kickoff is always late and its suppose to accommodate to to all people that works 9-5pm

What time does Super Bowl start in Utah?

The Super Bowl kickoff is at 4:25 PM MST.

What time is the Super Bowl on in Massachusetts?

Kickoff for the 2008 Super Bowl is about 6:15 pm EST.

At 6PM in what time zone is the 2011 Super Bowl kickoff?

The kickoff is at 6:30 pm eastern time.

What time is the 2008 Super Bowl kickoff in California?

== == SuperBowl kickoffs are listed to take place between 3:17 or 3:20 Pacific Time, but actually take place around 3:30 PST. The 2008 Super Bowl kicked off at 3:32 PST. The Super Bowl 2009 kickoff will probably also be at around 3:30 PST, despite it officially being listed to start 10 minutes earlier. For the kickoff time for the 2009 Super Bowl see the related links below.

What is Super Bowl kickoff time in Newfoundland?

Newfoundland is on the time zone of UTC - 3:30. Kickoff of the Super Bowl is traditionally at 1830 EST or UTC-5, making it 2000 in Newfoundland.