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Hold the volleyball in one hand. This hand will not move until the serve is performed. Form the other hand (preferably the one you write with) into a tighter version of the sign language E. Staying lined up, swing it back 3 times. The first one is for aim. The second is for power and strength. The third is the one that will hit it over. Remember to follow through and point your fist at where to hit it. . . . . . . This is the court. . . . . . . g the 'g' is where to aim.

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You shouldn't underhand serve. It is not effective and no one, ever, serves like that at levels higher than 14's usually. Its like a free ball for the other side to slam it in your face. although if you ever play my team, we'd sure appreciate an underhand server. ha

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when serving the ball underhand, you want to form a fist with your dominate hand and hit the ball at the wrist which provides you with the best combination of control and power

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Q: When hitting an underhand volleyball serve where should you contact the ball?
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What type of hit should you receive an incoming serve with in volleyball?

You should hit it with an underhand pass, otherwise known as a bump.

What is the basics skills in volley ball?

there are three basic skills involved: bumping (passing) setting and hitting (spiking) to be a good volleyball player you should be at least somewhat familiar with all three

When you pass in volleyball the ball should contact your?

Forearms or hands and fingers if overhead passing.

What is the underhand serve in volleyball?

The underhand serve is a good serve for beginners to use. It is simply another way of getting the ball over the net. The ball is held in one hand and hit by the heel of the other hand. The underhand is the serve that is generally not as effective as the overhand serve.

What are some volleyball words?

Jump, swat, spike, serve, hit, hammer, dig, foul, kill, block, middle up If you meet a volleyball girl you should say: I want to be the setter in a five-one and hit you with a strong-side underhand floater so be in the ready position. Or not because that sucked

Why should you jump straight up and down when hitting or blocking in volleyball?

You should jump straight up when blocking in volleyball, so you don't end up jumping into the net. However when hitting, sometimes it is good to allow room to jump forward a bit to propel the ball forward and down.

What volleyball technique is used to hit the volleyball when the volleyball travels below the waist?

You should pass (bump) the volleyball when it is below your shoulders. You will get the best contact with the volleyball this way.

What are some quesions and answers for playing volleyball?

F.A.Q. Which is the best way to serve? Well, the one that portrays your strength the most is underhand, but overhand goes faster. When should I bump it, and when should i set or spike it? If it's under your nose, than it should be a bump, if it's over your nose, set. What are the best brands of kneepads? I say Asics. Hope this helps, Me.

Where is the best place to bye volleyball equpment?

I bought my volleyball stuff at Sports Authority, but anywhere that has sports equipment should have volleyball stuff in volleyball season.

What hit should you use when the volleyball is coming towards you above your head in volleyball?


How long did volleyball last?

You should be a little clearer. Volleyball has lasted for a while though.

What would b a good volleyball science fair project for an 11th grader?

try testing serving ways....try at least 10 people and that should help!