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Most people dont know this but softball season almost goes all year round. You dont get much of a break because you have to start conditioning in the winter so you are ready for try outs in the spring. Most try outs are in early feb. because some schools begin playing preseason games in late feb. the season games start in march.

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Q: When does the college softball season start and when does pro season?
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Will you be a pro softball player someday?

The percentage of college players going on to play pro softball is .002%.

Do they have pro softball for girls after they get out of college?

pretty sure!

Do any farm teams feed into professional softball?

College. Pro softball team get their players directly from a college draft.

What college courses do you need to get to be a pro softball player?

To be a pro softball player you must have good grades ! I advice you to study your notes .

How much money do you make playing softball?

If you are one of the .02% of college players that are drafted to play pro softball your salary will range from $7,500 to $15,000 per season. The NPF has a very low salary cap.

Are there major leagues in softball?

there is pro softball!

Why isn't there professional softball?

There is Pro Softball, it is called the NPF "National Pro Fastpitch"

How many years do you have to go to be a pro softball player?

you have to play in college and high school and be really good

What is the record for most three pointers in a season?

Pro or College

What age do you have to be to play softball?

what age do you have to be to play pro softball

How much money does a pro softball player make a year?

Professional softball has a very modest salary cap. The annual salaries range from $7,500 to $15,000 per season.

When does pro football season start?

In 2010, the regular season starts on September 9th.

When did the Pro Bowl start?

In the 1938-39 football season.

Can you start 4 wide receivers and no tight end?

Yes. In fact, this is done many times per season in both college and pro football.

How much on average does a pro softball player make a year?

A modest salary cap for the National Pro Fastpitch league keeps their pay at $5,000 to $6,000 for the NPF's 3 month season.

What is the distance between the pitching mound and home plate for womens softball?

40 feet in high school, 43 feet in college and pro

Up to what age can you play fastpitch softball?

You can play softball as long as you like just not a grandma. There is pro softball, so you can play softball as long as you like.

College football and pro football?

college football is when you are in college and pro football is when you are out of college and also in pro football you get paid but not college football. you can get into pro by being a college player and getting drafted into pro.

What is the workplace environment for a pro softball player?

in 1988

Where do get the skills to be a pro softball player?

practicing a lot

Who is Chicago's pro softball team?

they are the Chicago bandits.

When does soccer season start?

For Youth Sports the fall soccer season tends to start mid-August and the spring season tends to start early March. High School Soccer starts early August, College Soccer starts the first week of August, and Pro Soccer (MLS in the U.S) starts around August 15.

What kind of people would you be working with to be a pro softball player?

you would be working with other softball players

How many softball players are professional in the major league?

There are 14 teams in the National Pro Fastpitch Softball League.

What is the physical difference between a baseball and a softball?

A baseball is smaller than a softball, and a softball is made of softer material (hence the name). Pro baseball players get on ESPN, become famous and make millions. Pro softball players get on ESPN2 at 1 in the morning and no one knows their names.