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Yes they do

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Q: When does basketball clock stop?
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When does the clock stop in basketball?

In basketball, the clock stops for every time out, foul, and out of bounds violation. It should also stop at the sound of the referee's whistle.

Does the clock stop during free throw in basketball?


Does clock stop after basket in basketball until put into play after scoring a basket?

In basketball, the clock stops for every time out, foul, and out of bounds violation. It should also stop at the sound of the referee's whistle.

What are the clock operators main responcabilities in basketball?

they need to manage the clock so when the referee stops the clock the clock operator needs to write it down and stop the clock.

When does the game clock time keeper stop the clock in basketball?

there are 4 quarters and each go for 15 mins each

Why do they do a foul on purpose in basketball?

To stop the clock, or to slow the other teams momentum if there are no more timeouts.

Does the clock stop after a made basket in High School Basketball?

Generally, it does not. However, if the game is very close and about to end (under a minute), the clock will usually stop. In high school, the clock only stops for timeouts, throwing the ball in bounds (after a foul or a timeout), or if an injury has occurred.

Does the clock stop when the ball goes out of bounds in basketball?

Yes. The clock stop and then restarts when the ball is thrown in and touches a player.That is partially correct but not in most situations. The clock does not stop even if the ball is out of bounce. It only stops when there are only a couple of minutes/seconds left in a quarter, especially the 4th when it is a tight game.

Does Texas high school basketball have a shot clock?

No Texas does not have a shot clock for high school basketball

How much time on the shot clock is needed to get off a shot in basketball?

Players in the NBA have a 24-second grace period from the shot clock to get off a shot clock. In college basketball, the shot clock limit is 35 seconds.

How is basketball timed?

a shot clock

What is a running and stopped clock in basketball?

A running clock is where during the whole game the ball is in play.

Why is the shot clock different for men's basketball vs women's basketball?

OS boy's are better

When does the clock stop in a football game?

The clock stops for several reasons. An official can stop it for an official reason like to take a measurement. Each team can take time outs, this stops the clock. An incomplete pass stops the clock.The clock will stop if there is an injury on the field.

How many seconds in a high school girl27s shot clock?

there is no shot clock in high school basketball

What is the length of the shot clock in college basketball?


Does the clock always stop in the NFL when a touchdown is scored?

Yes. Not only does the clock stop for touchdowns, but for any score.

How are rules in high school basketball different from college basketball?

They have quarters instead of halfs and the shot clock is smaller or there is no shot clock at all. Three point line is closer in high school.

Boys high school has how many seconds for shot clock?

There is no shot clock for boys high school basketball

Does the clock start when the basketball touches the rim?

The shot clock restarts to 24 if the ball touches the rim or goes in.

What happens if a uniform is not worn correctly on a basketball game?

the ref. will tell you, and then he will stop the clock till you fix it, or your coach will sub you off you will fix your uniform and sub you back on, so nothing really

What time do you go to basketball?

6-7 O-clock

How many seconds are on the shot clock in olympic basketball?


What rule change revolutionized the game of basketball?

The shot clock.

Do clocks stop working during an earthquake?

Typically, no. Spring clocks can be affects by the shaking, if it is severe enough. If the clock falls and breaks, then yes, it may stop. If the clock is electric, and the power supply is broken, then yes, the clock will stop.