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Q: When does a team get penalty in a basketball?
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What is the penalty of a basketball team in a game if it fielded fifteen players?

None. A basketball team can have as many players as it wants to have, provided that it has enough jerseys.

What is the penalty if a player commits a foul when his team is in possession of the basketball?

the ball is turned over to the other team

What is the penalty for stepping on or over any side or end line with the basketball?

the other team gets the ball

What penalty in basketball when you shoot with feet?

There is no pentalty nor foul. It automatically goes to the opposing team & they have to in-bound the ball.

How far is top of key of basketball lane?

A team gets penalty in basketball when the other team's member tries to block the shoot of the first team's member just when he starts shooting. The blockage may be done by tapping on the ball or by any means.

What is the penalty for an offensive 3 second vialolation in basketball?

The other team gets the ball but the player is not charged with a personal foul

What is penalty for standing in the key in basketball?

The penalty is 3 seconds in the key.

How many team fouls to be committed to begin team foul penalty situation and how many team fouls to end team foul penalty situation?

NBA Basketball, you're only allowed 4 fouls to commit before the opposition shoots 2 free throws on every foul caused. paul yawson asa

Which teams has Marko Tomas played for?

Marko Tomas is a basketball player of the national team of Croatia and of the team of club Cedevita Zagreb. This year they have received a suspension and a penalty for a inappropriate behavior.

If Team A takes a penalty and Team B scores during that delayed penalty is Team B credited with a power play goal?

The power play technically begins the moment the referee signals the penalty, and the non-penalized team has the option to pull its goalie for an extra attacker. If the non-offending team scores during a delayed penalty call, a 2 minute minor penalty is not assessed. If the penalty is a double minor, or a second penalty is to be assessed during the delayed call, the previous penalty is negated upon a goal scored and the second penalty is then enforced.

2 types of penalty in basketball?

Foul and violation.

What is the rule when Team A is on a powerplay and Team B gets called for a delayed penalty then Team A scores?

The previously assessed penalty currently in effect to Team B is negated, where as the delayed penalty call is then enforced.