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to work out an average you add all the final game scores together and then divide this number by the number of games you added together.

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A baker average is based on the average bowled as a team. With baker Bowling, each player bowls 2 frames. So it's considered as if it's a one person team, even though 5 people bowled.

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In tournament play

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Q: When do you use a book average in bowling?
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Is the season ending average the one entered in the book for bowling or is it another date?

The season's ending average is used as the book average for that league for the next season. In some league rules, the starting average for handicap purposes is based on that book average or it could be based on the highest of the bowler's book averages from the past season.

Why is 160 an impressive bowling score?

It's relative to the player and their bowling average.

Can you use the word average in a sentence?

There was a average grade in the grading book.

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How do you compute average cost per game of bowling?

Divide the total money spent for bowling games by the number of games bowled. I.E. If you spent $9 for bowling games and bowled 9 games, the average cost is $1.00.

How do i get my prior year bowling book averages?

First, you could contact the league secretary. If this was a USBC certified league, the USBC's website at has an average lookup feature.

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How does USBC establish bowling book averages?

Book averages are typically calculated by using the ending average of a certified league, providing the average has at least 12 games (or 21 depending on the situation). If a player has bowled multiple certified leagues in a season, each league will have it's own book average, however the highest of the averages is what the bowler will be using normally for tournaments for the following year.

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How do you figure out average in bowling?

take your total and divide it by 10