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When you jump to shoot the Basketball.

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Q: When do you need explosive strength in basketball?
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Why do you need strength in basketball?

In my opinion, you need strength to get rebounds, box out, and to be aggressive.

How do you dunk a basketball in a basketball hoop?

You have to jump high and dunk the ball. You have to have hops if you want to dunk on a 10 foot hoop and you need strength.

How do you slam dunk a basketball hoop?

It all requires effort, strength, courage, and some great hops. You need to improve your leg strength ALOT

What is a strength exercise in basketball?

Basketball players need to be able to run, cut, change direction, and jump (on one leg and two) in order to be successful-so which is the best choice for exercise selection in a strength and conditioning. I am a beginner basketball player and I have bought some Basketball exercise equipment from online store. These are helping me with exercise.

What is the recommended concrete strength for a basketball court?

A concrete strength of 3500 PSI should be just right for a basketball court.

What components of fitness must you have for shot putter?

explosive strength

What are the three types of strength?

Alpha Beta Gamma This is not the answer, the answer is Explosive Strength, Maximal Strength and Endurance Strength/Strength Endurance either way is correct.

A good resistance training technique for developing explosive strength is?


What you need for basketball?

We need a basketball court with a basket net and a basketball.

Why do basketball players need strength?

They need strength because while there running with the ball they will be defending it by keeping it close to them, Therefore they will be using Strength to keep the from the opposition.AcFlem.

What experience do you need to be a basketball player?

To begin playing basketball, I would recommend being a good runner, in sprinting and in distance. Also, arm strength is helpful but not required to be a basketball player. Having good thigh and leg strength can help with running and while on defense. Honestly, to be a basketball player, the best advice I can give is to want it, have a passion for it, stick with it, and practice it. And if you do, I can guarantee you will be successful.

Why would you need strength in basketball?

If you were a center.. ur defender would probably tough.. that's where we get the expression POWER through your defender

Why do you need basketball hoops?

Basketball hoops are need to score points when playing basketball.

Who did Reggie Love play basketball for?

to get its strength up

What are the benefits of strength in a basketball player?

go home

What do you need for basketball gear?

you just need a basketball that's it

What you need for a basketball game?

You need a basketball da silly

How do you get a more explosive first step for basketball?

u have to get drills that can help u. Look on google.

Things to know about basketball?

A basketball player needs considerable lower body strength to be able to post up and also jump, as well as the upper body strength to not get pushed around.

Why do you need power in basketball?

So you have the strength for throwing the ball in the net or to pass to someone in your team that is all the way at the end of the court.

Why do you need power to play basketball?

If you play in the paint and have no muscle, power, or strength you will get pushed around and unable to score or get rebounds or drive the lane or anything

Does basketball improve leg strength?

Yes it is good exercise.

What you need for basket- ball?

All you need to play basketball is basketball shoes, basketball, two nets, and a court.

What are the mental benefits of playing basketball?

Playing basketball can be good for your physical and mental health. Sports like basketball can increase your concentration, focus, and mental strength.

Where basketball workout?

Do suicides its a basketball drill that builds lung strength as well as leg muscle and speed/ agility just goolge suicide basketball drills