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This depends on the sport, league, and season.

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Q: When do the Playoffs begin?
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When do NBA playoffs begin?

April 16th

What date did the 2011 NHL playoffs begin?

The 2011 NHL playoffs began on April 13.

How long are the NBA playoffs?

The NBA playoffs generally begin in the middle of April and end about the middle of June.

When will 2010 NFL playoffs begin?

They will begin very soon right after this Sunday they will be announced.

When do playoffs start MLB?

The baseball playoffs begin a few days after the regular season ends in early October.

When did the 2010 NHL playoffs begin?

2010 April 14th

When is the Stanley cup playoffs played?

The playoffs begin midway in April usually around about the 20th and end in early June.

When do MLB playoffs start?

The 2010 playoffs will begin within a couple of days after the regular season ends on October 3.

When did the NBA playoffs begin?

April 18th (west) and April 19th (east)

When do the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs begin?

Usually around Aprilish(April)

When do the NFL playoffs begin and end?

The NFL playoffs begin in early January and may end sometime in late January or early February. This is around the same time anticipation for the SuperBowl begins. The playoffs never start earlier than this for the regular season would still be in progress.

What day did the NHL playoffs begin?

Which season? I cannot give an answer unless you specify a specific year.

When does the NHL hockey season finish?

The NHL season is over on April 12th. Then playoffs begin for the Stanley Cup.

When do the College Football Playoffs begin?

The NCAA college football playoffs will not start until January 1st, 2014. There are several college bowls and there has to be teams narrowed down to play in each bowl tournament.

When do the 2010-2011 NBA playoffs start?

Saturday, April 16, 2011The 2010-2011 NBA Playoffs begin on Saturday, April 16, 2011. (See the Related link for more information.)

What is the date when the first round of the 2011 playoffs begin?

The 2011 NBA play offs started last April 16.

Are there any ice hockey games in may?

Yes: The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs begin in April and end in early June.

Which nba teams are in the playoffs?

The Playoffs are over

Who is still in NBA playoffs?

The Playoffs are over

Will online versus games for NHL 12 continue throughout multiple overtimes until a goal is scored once the NHL playoffs begin?


When will Keith Olbermann return to broadcasting?

In October 2013, he will host baseball playoffs on TBS. In August 2013, he will begin a talk show on ESPN2.

Will the Wild make it to the playoffs?

No, thew will not make it to the playoffs.

How many times has Dwyane Wade been to the NBA playoffs?

Five times, once when he won the championship in 2005-2006. He was in the 2003-2004 playoffs, the 2004-2005 playoffs, the 2005-2006 playoffs, the 2006-2007 playoffs, and the 2008-2009 playoffs.

Are the eagles in the playoffs?

Yes the eagles are in the playoffs at 10-5

Are the 49ers in the playoffs?

The 49ers did not make the 2009 season playoffs.