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It was a sport in the first Olympic.

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Q: When did the long jump become an Olympic sport?
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Related questions

What Olympic activities begin with the letter L?

Luge is an Olympic sport. The long jump is an Olympic sport.

What is an Olympic sport?

Very Long Jump

Olympic sport starting with L?

Long jump

Is the long jump an Olympic sport?

Summer yes winter no

Which sport did Joyner-Kersee win an Olympic medal?

Heptathlon and the Long Jump.

When did long jump become a Olympic event?

since the first international Olympic games in 1896 :)

Did carl Lewis win in the sport long jump?

Yes, Lewis won 4 Olympic gold medals in long jump (1984, 1988, 1992, 1996).

What is the Olympic record for the long jump?

The Olympic Record for the men's long jump is Bob Beamon's 8.90 jump in the 1968 Olympic games.

Which Olympic sport uses a sand pit?

Two events in athletics use a sandpit: the long jump, and the triple jump.

How many long jump events in modern olympic games?

Long jump has been an Olympic event since the Modern Olympics began in 1896. Men have competed in Olympic long jump since 1896. Women have competed in Olympic long jump since 1948.

How long has curling an Olympic sport?

It has been an Olympic sport since 1998.

What summer Olympic sport offers the widest variety of events?

The Decathlon is the only summer olympic sport which has the most varied events: # 100 metres # Long Jump # Shot # High Jump # 400 metres # 110 metres Hurdles # Discus # Pole Vault # Javelin # 1500 metres

When did speedskating become an Olympic Sport?

Long track, or 400 meter oval speedskating, became an olympic sport at the first winter Olympics back in 1924. Short track, or hockey-rink speedskating, became an olympic sport in 1992, having been a demonstration sport at the 1988 games.

What is the Olympic long jump record?

The Olympic Long jump record for men is 8.90 meters jumped by Bob Beamon.

What olympic sport has a finishing line that no one will ever cross?

Baseball. The outfield is neverending with no boundaries only obstacles.

What sport does Jessica Ennis do in the 2012 Olympic?

Hepthalon which is a seven event sport held over 2 days, she will take part in 100m hurdles, high jump, shot put, 200m dash, long jump, javelin and 800m run.

Is the long jump a sport?

Yes it is a sport. It is in the Olympics, which means it is a sport.

What olympic sport would a cow look most funny participating in?

1. Running 2. swimming 3. skiing 4.long jump 5.long jump

What is the mens Olympic long jump record?

Bob Beamon's 1968 jump of 8.90m (29 feet 2.5 inches) is the men's Olympic record for the long jump.

Where will olympic long jump take place 2012?

Long JumpIt is taking place in the Olympic Stadium.

What Olympic Sports are held today but were not held in the ancient Olympics?

every sport part from running, discus, boxing, wrestling, shot put, javelin and long jump

How many Olympic medals have Zambia won?

Zambia has two Olympic medals: one for high jump and one for long jump.

What are 2 Olympic athletic jumping events?

Long jump and high jump.

What sport is l'equitation?

long jump

Who holds the men's world record in the standing jump?

Both the standing jump (straight vertical) and standing long jump have not been Olympic events since 1912, when they were discontinued. Ray Ewry held all the standing jump records, with his standing long jump record of 3.47 meters being most impressive until the sport was discontinued at the world level in 1938. There are rumours of 3.6 having been accomplished since, but since it is no longer a world class sport, they are difficult to verify.