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Table Tennis became an Olympic event at the 1988 Summer Games in Seoul.

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Q: When did table tennis become an olympic event?
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Is table tennis a 2012 Olympic event?

Yes, it was played in the 2012 olympics.

Which year did Table tennis become an olympic sport?

Table Tennis became an Olympic sport in 1988 at Seoul, when Yoo Nam Kyu won the gold medal for men's singles.

Is table tennis racquetball or badminton not an Olympic sport?

Table Tennis and Badminton are Olympic sports. Racquetball, however, is not.

What olympic event was added in 1988?

According to Wikipedia, one sport that was added in 1988 is table tennis

When did ping pong become an Olympic sport?

Table tennis or ping pong became an Olympic sport in 1988 in Seoul.

Is the olympic table tennis table smaller than 9 x 5?

Is an Olympic table tennis table smaller than a standard table tennis table? 2 of my friends are arguing about it please help me solve it.

When did ping-pong become an Olympic sport?

Table tennis became an Olympic sport at the 1988 Games in Seoul, South Korea.

How did table tennis get in the Olympic games?

yes it did!

How old do you have to be to compete in olympic table tennis?

you have to be 15 and older to compete in table tennis in the Olympics

What is a olympic sport starting with T?

Trampoline Tennis Table-tennis

Which olympic event do men and women compete together?

Men and women compete together in equestrian events, mixed doubles (tennis, badminton, table tennis).

When was table tennis first in the olympic games?

It was in 1988 - in Seoul, South Korea - that table tennis first joined the Olympics and became an Olympic sport.

Why is table tennis an Olympic sport?

Have you ever tried playing an Olympian in Table Tennis? It's an Olympic sport because it takes skill to play it.

When was table tennis added as an Olympic sport?


How many medals are in Olympic table tennis?


What olympic events added in 1988?


Which is not an Olympic sport racquetball table tennis badminton?

Racquetball is not an Olympic sport.

Table tennis players at Olympics during Nixon's term?

Richard Nixon was the 37th President of the United States from 1969 to 1974. Table tennis did not become an Olympic sport until 1988.

What is the size of an Olympic table tennis table?

9ft long and 5ft wide

Who is famous for doing Olympic table tennis?

lester Punay

How many medals has England won in the Olympics on table tennis?

England have not won any Olympic Table Tennis medals. China have won the majority of the table tennis medals since table tennis joined the Olympics in 1988.

Is table tennis a Summer Olympic sport?

Yes, table tennis has been a Summer Olympic sport since 1988. It was introduced during the Seoul Olympics and is dominated by Asian countries.

How many olympic medals has Russia won in Table tennis?


What is china's famous sport in youth olympic games?

Table Tennis.

When was table tennis introduced in the Olympics?

Table tennis first joined the Olympics and became an Olympic sport in 1988 - in Seoul, South Korea.