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Table Tennis or ping pong became an Olympic sport in 1988 in Seoul.

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Q: When did ping pong become an Olympic sport?
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When did ping-pong become an Olympic sport?

Table tennis became an Olympic sport at the 1988 Games in Seoul, South Korea.

What olympic sport is china best at?

ping pong,

Is ping pong and olympic sport?

Yes. A Summer Olympic sport. Very popular sport played in Europe and Asia.

Is ping pong a sport?

Ping-pong is a sport it is affiliated with hand eye coordination. The U.S. does have a ping-pong team and Singapore also have ping pong team.

Was ping pong invented in England?

The game ping pong, or table tennis, started in England in the 1880s. Originally it was played by the wealthy as an after dinner parlour game. Since 1988, ping pong has been introduced as an Olympic sport.

When did Ping-pong become part of the Olympics?

It was in 1988 in Seoul, South Korea, that table tennis first joined the Olympics and became an Olympic sport.

Which sport was invented first tennis or ping pong?

ping pong

Is ping-pong an official sport?

Yes, it is. They even have international ping-pong championships!

What sport is unisexual?

ping pong

What sport has a smaller ball ping pong or squash?

I think ping pong has a smaller ball

What made ping pong a sport?

It is like tennis on a table. It's called ping pong from the Chinese language because it's a popular Chinese sport. However, the European first started playing it, which made it qualify to be an Olympic sport. This was way before the Americans started playing it.

What is the weakest sport?

the weakest sport is tennis or ping pong