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in the year 1970

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Q: When did football become NFL v.s. AFC sport?
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What does AFC in nfl mine?

AFC stands for the American Football Conference in the National Football League.

What is AFC short for in the nfl?

American Football Conference

What is a conference in football?

The NFL has 2 conferences. The NFC (national football conference) and the AFC (American Football Conference) The AFC was created after the AFL (American Football league) disbanded and converged into the NFL in 1970

When did AFC and NFL become just NFL?

The merger was made in 1970

What two groups of the NFL are there?

AFC (American Football Confrence) NFC (National Football Confrence)

What are the names of the two conferences in the NFL?

The American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC).

What leagues make up the NFL?

NFC national football conference and AFC American football conference

Nfc vs AFC?

The NFL is split into two "groups" AFC (American football conference) and NFC (National Football Conference) the teams are split equally throughout the NFL. NFC vs AFC and NFL PRo Bowl Preview AFC vs NFC NFL Pro Bowl Two Division is together

What are professional football divisions?

The NFL Divisions are NFC North NFC South NFC East NFC West AFC North AFC South AFC East AFC West

What sport is foootball?

Football is the National Football League (NFL)

Why do NCAA football have conferences and not NFL?

The NFL does have conferences -- two of them. The American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFL). The two conference winners play each other in the Super Bowl.

How many games are played by each of the nfl AFC football teams?

16 games. every football team in the nfl plays 16 not including playoffs

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