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Cheerleaders started cheering for Basketball teams when they needed practice. Then when the people watched them at half time they enjoyed it alot, So the cheerleaders would do it all for the people and the sport of it. Cheerleaders started cheering for basketball teams when they needed practice. Then when the people watched them at half time they enjoyed it alot, So the cheerleaders would do it all for the people and the sport of it.

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Q: When did cheerleaders start cheering for the basketball team?
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Why does basketball have cheerleaders?

They have cheerleaders at basketball games to support their team and their mascot.

What sentences does the word chant you could use?

The cheerleaders broke into a chant, cheering the team on.

How do cheerleaders help their team out when cheering?

Be loud ,smile, try your hardest, and never give up.

What do supplies do cheerleaders need?

The supplies that cheerleaders need are pom poms, a outfit that matches the team that they are cheering for (colourwise, the outfits should be colourwise), some bling, flexibility, and a LOUD VOICE to cheer on their team! WOOT TEAM SPIRIT MAAN!

Why did the basketball team blame Stargirl for their loss?

because she was cheering for both teams instead of just her own.

What is the point of cheerleading?

The point of cheerleading is to support the team, while entertaining the crowd. Cheerleaders do this by performing stunts, tumbling, dancing, cheering, and being peppy. While cheerleading started out as a sideline only sport it has evolved into being a very competitive sport. For many schools cheerleaders have a football, competition , and then basketball season, which is alot to take in !

How many cheerleaders in a squad?

It depends on what kind of team you have . . you really can have however many you want . . but on the basketball court only 8 cheerleaders are allowed if you're following the rules

Definition of cheerleader?

Cheerleaders LEAD the crowd at events in CHEERING for a particular team. If you say someone is a cheerleader, you may mean they are a big supporter of a certain topic or event.

What kind of cheerleading squad is right for you?

It depends on what you want to get out of the sport. School Cheerleaders, or Team Cheerleaders cheer for a sports team. Their focus is more on chants and cheers for supporting there team, though they do do some stunting and tumbling. All-Star cheerleaders cheer competitively in competitions. These cheerleaders are trained in private gyms where you have to sign up to be on the team. This kind of cheering focuses more on stunting, jumping, and tumbling. These types of squads are easier to join, because you don't have to try-out, just have your skills evalueated.

When did professional basketball teams start organizing?

when did professional basketball team start organizing

What NFL team was first to have cheerleaders?

The Indianapolis Colts were the first team to have cheerleaders

What is the average number of cheerleaders on a college team?

The average number of college cheerleaders has to be from 15-30 cheerleaders per team.

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