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canoeing, seriously, it may be professional but it is not a sport.

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Q: When did canoeing become a professional sport?
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When did athletics become a professional sport?

Athletics is not a professional sport

When did basketball become a professional sport?


How long has Canoeing been a Olympic sport?

Canoeing was introduced to the Olympics at the 1936 Games in Berlin.

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Why did basketball become a professional sport?

The same reason why any other sport became a professional sport: because people became very talented at it.

When did skateboarding become a professional sport?

=Skateboarding became a professional sport in the late 1960's==Hope this helps you =p=

In what countries is canoeing the most popular sport?


What is Percy's favorite sport?

He enjoys rowing or canoeing.

In canoeing what is the Cruising Position?

In canoeing, the cruising stroke is another name for the forward stroke. It is the most basic stroke in the sport of canoeing, and the basis for all of the other strokes.

When did cricket become a professional sport in south Africa?


When did hockey become a professional sport?

Ice Hockey became a professional sport in 1904. The United States formed the first professional league. Canada followed quickly in 1905.

What is Percy Jackson's favorite sport?

He enjoys rowing or canoeing.

How do you become a professional softball player?

Learn the sport and practice more.

What is the Olympic sport Flatwater about?

It is one of the two disciplines in canoeing or kayaking.

Why was the sport canoeing invented?

because penguins couldn't be bothered to swim

When did rugby become a professional sport?

Rugby League split from Rugby Union to become professional in 1895. Rugby Union would not become professional for a hundred years, until after the 1995 Rugby World Cup.

When did athletics become professional?

depends on the sport they traced the first professional basketball team back to the 1870s or so

When did cricket become a professional sport?

The earliest definite reference is dated 1598

What was the game basketball impact?

The game of basketball has become a very professional sport

What is Hawaii's most popular sport?

the most popular sport is surfing and canoeing because lots of websites say

In which sport must a life jacket be worn at each training session?


Are there any sport or activities starting with c?

Cycling, Cricket, Canoeing, Caving.

When did athletics become a professional?

You have to be drafted out of college or high school sometimes it depends on the sport.

Which sport did Antonio Gates play in high school and almost become a professional in?


Is kick ball a professional sport?

Kickball is not a professional sport.