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last years all star game and the year before as well

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Q: When did Zdeno Chara hit the fastest slapshot?
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How fast does a slapshot go?

The fastest women's ice hockey slapshot in history was recorded in 2006 at the Torino Olympic Games by Cheryl Pounder of the Canadien team. The shot was clocked at just over 53 mph, or appoximately 85 kmph. Rumors have been circulating around the current Olympic village in Sochi that several of the U.S. and Canadien team members are now capable of breaking 60 mph.

What is the name of a hockey hit that starts with slap?

A slapshot.

Injuries from being hit by a slapshot?

Various broken bones, cuts, bruises, concussions and possibly death.

How fast does a hockey puck average when hit?

The NHL All Star game record is 170.4 km/h (105.9 mph) by Zdeno Chara. The KHL All Star game record is 177.58 km/h (110.3 mph) by Denis Kulyash. The world record is 191.5 km/h (119 mph) by Bobby Hull. I think the speed of Chara's slapshot went up to 108 mph during the last ALL Star Game's skill's competition. Even Shea Weber cracked 106 mph. Bobby Hull consistently had the hardest shot in hockey. Nobody nowadays comes close to his puck speed. It's remarkable that his brother Dennis also had a 100 mph + shot. Surreyfan

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Does a NHL goal count if it hits your foot and goes in?

As long as the puck wasn't "kicked" into the net. For Example, if someone hit a slapshot and his teammate was standing right next to the net and the puck hit the teammate's foot, then it would count as a goal.

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