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Febuary 1997

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โˆ™ 2009-03-20 13:07:09
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Q: When did Steve Yzerman play in his 1000 game?
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When did Steve Yzerman play his 1000 game?

Steve Yzerman played in his 1000 game in Febuary 1997

What position did Steve Yzerman play?


What sport did Steve Yzerman play?

Steve Yzerman played professional hockey. He spent his entire NHL career on the Detroit Red Wings.

How many games did Steve yzerman play in the NHL?


How many games did Steve yzerman play?

Steve Yzerman played 1514 regular season NHL games. He played 196 NHL playoff games.

How many seasons did Steve Yzerman play?

92 hes old fu

How long did Steve Yzerman play for the Detroit Red Wings?

Steve Yzerman played 22 seasons for the Detroit Red Wings. He began his career in 1983 and retired following the 2005-06 season.

How did Steve Yzerman hurt his eye?

Steve Yzerman was hit in the eye socket with a puck. Because he was not wearing a visor, the puck broke the bone around his eye and caused extensive damage. Still, he was able to come back and play again.

Which OHL team did Steve Yzerman and Mickey Redmond both play for?

Redmond played for the Peterborough Petes between 1963-1967 and Yzerman played for the Peterborough Petes between 1981-1983.

Did Wayne Gretzky inspier Sidney Crosby to play hockey?

No he did not Sidney Crosby played for the fun of it and when he was growing up he was most inspired by Steve Yzerman

How many Olympics did Steve yzerman play in?

2 ... 1998 Winter Games in Nagano and 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City. He won a gold medal with the Canadian team at the 2002 Games.

Who did the New York Giants play for their 1000 game?

Kansas City Chiefs

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