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1984 in Columbia by the score of 38-26.

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Q: When did South Carolina beat FSU in football in the 1980s?
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What year did South Carolina beat Auburn in football?

According to College Football Data Warehouse, South Carolina has beaten Auburn once and that was in 1933 by a score of 16-14.

How many times has clemson beat South Carolina in a row in football?

The longest Clemson winning streak over South Carolina is 7 between 1934-1940.

When was the last time the University of Kentucky beat the University of South Carolina in football?

2010......South Carolina beat #1 ranked Alabama the week before then lost to an unranked Kentucky the very next week in 2010

When is last time South Carolina beat clemson football two years in a row?

40 years

How many times has South Carolina beat Alabama in football?

None, South Carolina sucks! They can kiss my alabama butt! WRONG! The Gamecocks took down #1 Alabama on 2010.

How many times has South Carolina beat UVA in football?

As of the 2008 season, South Carolina leads the all time series against Virginia 21-12-1.

What year did South Carolina first beat Clemson in football?

1896. The game in 1896 was the first in the South Carolina/Clemson rivalry. The Gamecocks won, 12-6, in Columbia.

Did clemson beat South Carolina in football in 2008?

Yes, Clemson won 31,000,000-0 at Death Valley.

How many times has Florida beat the South Carolina Gamecocks?

How many times has Florida beat the South Carolina Gamecocks

What college football team beat two different number 1 teams in the same year?

After tomorrow, the answer will be the South Carolina Gamecocks! Go Cocks!

Who won the NIT in 2002?

Memphis beat South Carolina

Who won the NIT in 2005?

South Carolina beat St. Joseph.

What battle in South Carolina helped the Americans beat the british?


What teams have the Carolina Panthers never beat?

Prior to August 17, 2012, the Carolina Panthers have never beaten the Miami Dolphins. On August 17, 2012, the Carolina Panthers beat Miami in NFL Preseason Football 23-17 in Charlotte, N.C.

Who beat senator sumner with a cane?

Senator Preston Brooks from South Carolina

How many times has Clemson beat South Carolina in the last 10 years?


When is the last time university of South Carolina beat Georgia?

LOL last weekend!

Who won the 2012 NCAA baseball world series?

In 2012, Arizona easily beat South Carolina in two games. South Carolina scored but one run in each of its losses to Arizona.

How many times has Florida State beat the South Carolina Gamecocks?

South Carolina vs. Florida State (FSU) All Time Record 3-15 1966 - FSU 32 - South Carolina 10 1967 - FSU 17 - South Carolina 0 1968 - FSU 35 - South Carolina 28 1969 - FSU 34 - South Carolina 9 1970 - FSU 21 - South Carolina 13 1971 - FSU 49 - South Carolina 18 1972 - South Carolina 24 - FSU 21 1973 - South Carolina 52 - FSU 12 1979 - FSU 27 - South Carolina 7 1982 - FSU 56 - South Carolina 26 1983 - FSU 45 - South Carolina 30 1984 - South Carolina 38 - FSU 28 1985 - FSU 56 - South Carolina 14 1986 - FSU 45 - South Carolina 28 1988 - FSU 59 - South Carolina 0 1989 - FSU 35 - South Carolina 10 1990 - FSU 41 - South Carolina 10 1991 - FSU 38 - South Carolina 10

Who won the College World Series in 2002?

Texas beat South Carolina 12-6 in the Finals.

What happened to 100.1 the beat in Columbia south Carolina?

Clear Channel cancelled the station due to cutbacks :(

Who won the College World Series in 1977?

Arizona State beat South Carolina 2-1 in the Finals.

Who won usc vs uga 2000?

South Carolina beat Georgia 21 to 10 on September 9th.

How much times did gamecocks beat clemson?

Since 1896, South Carolina has beaten Clemson 40 times

How many seasons in a row has Clemson University beat South Carolina?

Through the 2008 season, 2. South Carolina's last victory against Clemson came on November 25, 2006 by the score of 31-28.