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Petr cech

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Q: When did Petr Cech had three shut outs in a row for Chelsea?
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When was the last time Petr Cech had three shutouts in a row for Chelsea?

clean sheets, not shut outs! yanks annoy me off when you talk about FOOTBALL

Do three outs equal lining in baseball or softball?

Actually, three outs equals a half inning in both baseball or softball. Since each team bats in an inning, three outs for the visiting team, then three outs for the home team is considered one inning.

How many outs are there in an inning?

6 there are three outs per team!

In baseball how many outs are there in an inning?

3 It's Not Three. It's Six, Theres Three Outs In Half An Inning.

How many outs in each inning in softball?

three outs per inning

How many people in baseball can get out before the whole team is out?

There are three outs per half inning, so each team gets three outs.

Riddle How many outs are there in an inning?

Six, three for the top and three for the bottom

How many outs were there when baseball was first made?

three outs per team per inning

How many outs can you get in a innings?

In one inning there is six outs, but in one half inning there is three.

What happens three times in one full inning?

not outs. 3 outs in a half inning.

In baseball how many outs arethere in a inning?

Six, Three in the top of the inning and three at the bottom

How many time outs are their in a NFL football game?

Each team is allotted three time outs per half.

How many outs does each team get each inning?


How many outs in baseball as there innings?

There's three outs per inning. In a nine inning game there would be 27 outs each team would need to record.

What are innings in softball?

7 innings to a average game. the vistor bats first until three outs are resached, then the home team bats until three outs are reached. that completes one inning.

Has a batter ever made all three outs in an inning?


What are three types of outs in softball?

Ground out, fly out, and of course strike out.

What is it called when a baseball team makes three outs on the same play?

When a baseball team makes three outs in one play is it called a Triple play its very rare and happens about once or twice a year.

Why do 3 strikes make an inning over in baseball?

It doesn't. Three strikes is an out, and there are three outs in an inning per team.

When do teams switch place in softball?

After the batting team gets three outs

How many time outs are there in a college football game?

Three per half.

If there are nine players on a team and three strikes make an out and four balls make a walk how many outs are there in an inning?


How many outs can you have in an inning of baseball or softball?

There are 6 outs in one inning. Each team have to bat until they get 3 outs. Both teams bat once in one inning.6 per inning three outs per sideIn Australia There Are Six Outs In A Inning For Baseball3 outsThere are 6 outs in an inning, 3 for each team.

In baseball how many outs are there in an innings?

Three outs per team per inning. Between 51 and 54 outs in a official 9 inning game (depending on if the home team needs to bat in the final inning.)

Has one player ever made all three outs in one inning?