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Remember it's the Olympics. They put in four quarters because it is not NBA or NBL, so it's not real Basketball.

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Q: When did Olympic basketball go from halves to quarters?
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When did basketball go from having four quarters to two halves?

The professional level has 4 quarters. The college level has 2 halves. It's pretty much been like this forever.

When did the ncaa basketball go to 2 halfs?

The NCAA has always had 2 halves instead of 4 quarters. When the professional leagues came into existance, they adopted the "quarters" instead of halves. one of the original rules of basketball as Dr. James Naismith (inventer of basketball) published was for Two 15-minute halves with a 5 minute rest in between.

Do basketball games go by quarters?

Professional basketball (NBA and FIBA) has its games divided into quarters, as do high school ball (at least in my experience). NCAA basketball games are divided into two 20 minute halves, as are many recreational leagues. So, does basketball have quarters? Sometimes.

When did the game go from having 4 quarters to 2 halves?

Basketball still has 4 quarters today. Two halves mean the first and second, and then the third and forth quarter. The first half is the first and second quarter, and the second half is the third and forth. After the second it's half-time, the players take a 20 minute break.

How long did a basketball game last under the original rules?

two 15-minute halves you should go to hopkins

How long does a basketball match go on for?

48 minutes. 12 per quarter (4 quarters ) NBA

How many quarters are in basket ball?

There are 4 quarters in basketball. Each quarter depends on which level you play on. For example a quarter in the NBA would go on for 10-12 minutes

Why are college basketball games played in 2 halves but the NBA is played in four quarters?

this question sucks actually not that stupid of a question? they play 4 quarters in high school? only sport that is same in high school yet totally changes in college? of course quarters only 8 minutes in high school and 12 in nba, so no reason they couldn't have 4 - 10 minute quarters in college? games go from 32 minutes in high school to 40 minutes in college to 48 minutes in nba, understand length goes up, but the reason it goes to halves in ncaa instead of quarters? still don't undertand why they cant play 4 - 10 minute quarters? only sport were high school is more like pro`s then college is?

How many halves go into 6?

12 halves.

When does the game clock time keeper stop the clock in basketball?

there are 4 quarters and each go for 15 mins each

How many halves are there in 6 halves?

go answer my questions

How many quarters go into 112.25?

28.0625 quarters.

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