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Richie mccaw was captain for the last world cup

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Richie mccaww

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Q: Who is the captain of New Zealand rugby team?
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Who was the captain of the New Zealand rugby team for the World Cup Final?

Ritchie McCaw

Name of New zealand 's rugby union team?

The New Zealand Rugby team is called The All Blacks.

Who has been captain of the new zealand rugby league team the most times?

Ruben Wiki with 55 caps.

What is the name of the New Zealand women's rugby team?

the New Zealand Women's Rugby Union team is nicknamed the Black Ferns.

Who is the men's New Zealand rugby captain?

Richie Macaw

A popular nz rugby player?

who really knows but there is one i know it is Valerie vile who is a shot put player

Does the New Zealand rugby union team have a siver fern or kiwi as their emblem?

The silver fern. The New Zealand rugby league team is known as the Kiwis

What is the most popular spectator sport in new zealand?

Rugby is New Zealand most popular sport. The All Blacks is the rugby team that represents New Zealand

Who is captain of the nz all-blacks?

The current captain of the New Zealand cricket team is Daniel Vettori.

Who was Sir Fred Allen?

Sir Fred Allen was a former captain and coach of the All Blacks, New Zealand's national rugby union team.

What is the feather on the New Zealand rugby team?

It is a Silver Fern, a plant native to New Zealand.

What is the name of new zealand's rugby team?

The All Blacks