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Louisville Colonels - minor league Baseball - ended in 1972.

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Q: When did Louisville Colonels - minor league baseball - end?
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When was Louisville Colonels - minor league baseball - created?

Louisville Colonels - minor league baseball - was created in 1901.

Is there a baseball team in Louisville KY?

There is a minor league team in Louisville called the Bats that plays in the International League (AAA) and is affiliated with the Cincinnati Reds.

Is Buddy Bat the official mascot of the Louisville Bats minor league baseball team?

Yes he is!

What minor league team did Phil Niekro play for?

1959: McCook Braves of the Nebraska State League and Wellsville Braves of the New York-Penn League. 1960: Jacksonville Braves of the South Atlantic League and Louisville Colonels of the American Association. 1961: Austin Senators of the Texas League. 1962: Louisville Colonels 1964: Denver Bears of the Pacific Coast League. 1966: Richmond Braves of the International League.

When was Minor league baseball created?

Minor league baseball was created in 1901.

Where can you find minor league baseball statistics?

Click on the 'Minor League Baseball Statistics' link on this page to go to the minor league's website.

How many minor league divisions are there in baseball?

There are 19 minor league divisions in baseball

What is minor league baseball?

minor league baseball is one level lower than major league baseball but they still pay good if you ever make it

What are the dimensions for a minor little league baseball field?

Major League Baseball's minor league fields have the same dimensions as all major league parks.

When was Syracuse Stars - minor league baseball - created?

Syracuse Stars - minor league baseball - was created in 1890.

What league comes after little league in baseball?

minor league

What are your steps to playing in the Major League Baseball?

High school, college, single A minor league,a double AA minor league, and then triple AAA minor league.

Who won the Minor League Player of the Year Award in 2007?

Baseball America - Jay Bruce OF Cincinnati Reds Sarasota Reds, Chattanooga Lookouts, Louisville Bats

When was Minor League Baseball Yearly - MiLBY - Awards created?

Minor League Baseball Yearly - MiLBY - Awards was created in 2005.

Is the golden league a minor league baseball team?

No, the golden league is a league of "independent" teams and while it is still a professional baseball league, it is in no way affiliated with major league baseball. The term "minor league" refers to teams which are owned by major league organizations for the growth of their young talent.

When was Baseball America Minor League Player of the Year Award created?

Baseball America Minor League Player of the Year Award was created in 1981.

What minor league baseball teams are in Hawaii?

There are no minor league baseball teams in Hawaii. At what time the Pittsburgh Pirates had a minor league team called the Hawaii Islanders here but they moved many years ago. However Hawaii does have a proffesional baseball team in Hawaii (on Maui) they are members of the Golden baseball league which has 6 teams.

What professional sport teams come from Maine?

The Portland Sea Dogs- Minor League BaseballPortland Pirates- Minor League Hockey, AHLBangor Lumberjacks, minor league baseball, Can-Am LeagueLewiston MAINEiacs, minor league hockey, Quebec Major Junior Hockey League

Where did Joe Torre play Minor League Baseball?

Eau Claire, Wisconsin and Louisville, Kentucky. Joe Torre played one full season and part of a second before becoming a full time player with the Milwaukee Braves in 1961. He played 117 games for the Eau Claire Braves of the Northern League in 1960, hitting .344 with 16 home runs. He started the 1961 season with the Louisville Colonels of the American Association where he played 27 games and hit .342 before being called up.

How many miner league baseball teams are there?

None cause it's called minor league baseball

Is there minor league baseball in Dayton Ohio?

The Dayton Dragons are a class A minor league team that plays in the Midwest League and is affliated with the Cincinnati Reds.

Minor league baseball player Danny christensen is he still in baseball?


What baseball players never played minor league baseball?

yes they have

What was the salary of baseball legend Mickey Mantle when he was playing minor league baseball?

As a minor league baseball player, soon to be a great player, Mickey Mantle was paid $225 per month.

Does Tennessee have a baseball team?

Not a professional baseball team. Tennessee does have little league, minor league, and college baseball teams, however.