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In 2015, having also won it in 2014.

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Q: When did Ireland last win the rugby 6 Nations?
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When did Northern Ireland win the Six Nations?

Northern Ireland do not compete as a team in the Six Nations. There is an All-Ireland international rugby team. Ireland last won the Six Nations in 2009.

When did England last win a Grand Slam in Rugby six nations tournament?

England's last Grand Slam in the Six Nations was in 2003.

Did Ireland win the Rugby World Cup?

Ireland have not won the Rugby World Cup yet.

When did Ireland win the six nations?

Ireland won the 6 nations in 2009.

What year did Ireland win the rugby world cup?

Ireland have never ever won the rugby world cup.

When did France last win rugby six nations championship?

The last time they won it was in 2010 when they also won the Grand Slam.

How many times did Ireland win the rugby world cup?

Ireland have never won thr Rugby World Cup.

When did England rugby last win?

England beat Italy on February 7th 2009. As of today, 27th of February 2009, that is their last win. They have played and lost to Wales since then. There last win of the 6 Nations championship was in 2003, the same year that they won the Rugby World Cup.

When did Ireland win the five nations?


Who was the last to win the grand slam?

Ireland ( 2008 / 2009) Six nations Tennis: The last to win the singles Grand Slam was Steffi Graf - during the 1980's

How many times have Ireland rugby union team win the six nations?

Ireland have won the Six Nations title three times. In 2009 when they beat every other team to win the 'Grand Slam'. They also won in 2014 and again in 2015, though they did not complete the Grand Slam in either of those two years.

When did Australia last win the rugby World Cup?


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