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Brine Lacrosse happened in 2005.

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Q: When did Brine Lacrosse happen?
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When was Brine Lacrosse created?

Brine Lacrosse was created in 2005.

Does new balance own warrior lacrosse and brine lacrosse?

New balance owns Warrior lacrosse and Warrior lacrosse owns Brine Lacrosse.

Do stx lacrosse heads fit on brine shafts?

Stx lacrosse heads DO fit on brine shafts.

What are the best lacrosse balls?


Which is better brine optra or supra lacrosse shafts?

brine optra

Is a brine netfinder lacrosse stick a good lacrosse stick?


How do you put a brine lacrosse wall together?

you do it

What lacrosse shafts does the Brine Clutch 2x fit on?

the brine clutch head will fit on any brine lacrosse shafts. I have the Clutch on my brine swizzebeat. i recommended this shaft its is light gripy and cheap. it is only 80 dollars

Is the brine swizzbeat a good lacrosse stick?

yeah it is

What is a brine rocket lacrosse stick head made out of?


What lacrosse head does ken clausen use?

brine cyber

What lacrosse shafts does the Brine Clutch fit on?


What is like the Brine Nitrous Lacrosse Head Or where can it be found?

try comlax in i think brantre...they have all your lacrosse needs

What is the best lacrosse company?

Warrior, Brine, and STX are the better ones

What is the most popular lacrosse company?

There are several: BRINE, WARRIOR, GATE

What did Brine Lacrosse achieve in his career?

The Brine National Lacrosse Team went to the NCAA Final Four and while they did not win the dream was always to be able to participate. They would get another chance later in life.

What lacrosse head does cj costabile of duke use?

Brine franchise X

What brand of lacrosse glove run the biggest?

Brine gloves run the biggest.

What is the best cheap attack lacrosse shaft?

brine f55 or warrior thriller

What is top 5 lacrosse companies?

Stx brine warrior mavorik gait deBeer

When did Blast Lacrosse happen?

Blast Lacrosse happened in 2001.

Best lacrosse stick for middle school players?

The warrior warpath or the brine rocket are cheap and dependable

Can you put a brine lacrosse head on a warrior shaft?

ya it should fit fine cuz i have the brine answer for a head and a warrior hero composite for a shaft. it works fine but im getn the brine swizzle shaft soon so ya

Will a warrior mojo lacrosse head fit a brine swizzbeat shaft?

Yes, I have a Warrior Mojo head on my Brine Swizzbeat Shaft and I love it. So if your going to try this out, then yes it will work.

What are some problems with the brine cyber lacrosse head?

Don't use it on cold days that's when they snap easily.