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Q: When can a volleyball may hit the ball twice in a row except on a blank or blank?
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Who can hit it the ball twice in volleyball?

the hitter who's ball got blocked

What is a doublehit in volleyball?

A double hit in volleyball is when the same player contacts the ball twice without another player touching the ball.

Can a player touch the ball twice if first touch was a block in volleyball?


What happens if the player deliberately strikes the ball twice with the paddle?

there are no paddles in volleyball

What is double in volleyball?

When one player hits the ball twice in a row, which is a illegal move.

Can a volleyball player hit the ball twice continuously?

No. you can only hit the ball twice if you hit it once than another team member hits it agin. you yourself can only hit it once in a row.

Start clock hand signal on volleyball?

there is no time limit in volleyball except for the 30 seconds allowed for timeouts and 8 seconds given to initially serve the ball.

What is matball?

mat ball is just like kick ball but you have to go around the bases twice and if the ball hits theceiling you are out you play the game with a volleyball and you are only allowed two fowls

Can a player hit the ball twice in two man volleyball?

Yes they can that rule was put into play I think back in 2009.

What is meant by double touch in volleyball?

I'm pretty sure it is when the ball touches two parts of a player's body in succession, or when a player touches the ball twice in a row.

Beach volleyball ball?

beach volleyball is a game you play at the beach with friends or family. beach volleyball ball is a soft ball you play with.

What is it called when a player does not contact the ball cleanly in volleyball?

If they touch it twice, it is a double; if they touch it with the palm of their hand and lift it up, it is a lift