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the four nations start this saturday

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Q: When are the rugby league test matches on?
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What connections do england and new zealand have with each other for rugby league?

Their connection in RL are; Rugby League World Cup Four Nations Test Matches

Who has played the most Rugby league matches?

peter griffin 9378 matches peter griffin 9378 matches

What has the author Alan Whiticker written?

Alan Whiticker has written: 'Glory days' -- subject(s): Rugby League football players, Rugby League football, South Sydney District Rugby League Football Club, Interviews, History 'Rugby league test matches in Australia' -- subject(s): Rugby League football, Tournaments, History 'Derek Percy' -- subject(s): Nonfiction, True Crime, OverDrive

What sport is played in the ANZAC test?

Rugby league, is played in the ANZAC test.

How likely is it to be injured in rugby league?

league is a high speed contact sport. there are injuries in most matches. Its the severity of those that is a problem

Who has played the most test matches in rugby?

George Gregan played 139 Tests for Australia

What is the name of Argentina's national rugby stadium?

There is no national rugby stadium. Nowadays, Argentina is using VELEZ SARSFIELD stadium for their international test matches.

How many rugby test matches have South Africa won?

They have played 407 and won 255 (62.65%)

What sport is played at the Jubilee Oval?

The main sport which is played at the Jubilee Oval is rugby league football. It is a multipurpose stadium which has also hosted soccer matches.

How many times did colin meads play rugby for new zealand?

55 test matches from 1957 to 1971

Does the rugby league erns better or rugby union?

rugby league

What is a test for endurance in sport?

the test would be a physical game like rugby league or union but to test it it takes alot of practise

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