Is rugby played in Ireland

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Yes, Rugby union is played in Ireland

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Q: Is rugby played in Ireland
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Is Ireland playing in the Rugby World Cup 2011?

Yes, Ireland played in the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

Did george hook play rugby for Ireland?

He never played international rugby

Did Donal Lenihan play rugby for Ireland?

Yes. He played 52 times for Ireland.

What is a famous game played in Ireland?

Golf ,soccer and Rugby.

Why do Ireland not have two rugby teams?

Ireland has many rugby teams. However, what you are probably referring to is why there is not a Republic of Ireland and a Northern Ireland team. The reason is that, like many sports in Ireland, rugby is played on an all-Ireland basis and there one organisation that looks after it, the Irish Rugby Football Union, and so there is one international team.

When was the last time Australia played Ireland in rugby?

The last time Australia played against Ireland in rugby was in the Rugby World Cup 2011 hosted by New Zealand. The match was played on 17. September and the venue was Eden Park i Auckland. Ireland won the match 15-6.

What are some sports played in ireland?

Football (Soccer to Americans) and Rugby

Has Ireland played in a rugby world cup before?

Ireland are classed as a founding team and have played since the first event in 1987

How many rugby players in Ireland?

There are about 153,080 rugby players in Ireland

How many times have Ireland play US in rugby?

They have played 7 times

What are all the sports played in northern Ireland?

rugby union,gaelic games,basketball,rugby league,hockey,cricket,footballandnetball

Who has played the most times for Ireland as a prop in rugby 6 nations?

John Hayes

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