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He never played international Rugby

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Q: Did george hook play rugby for Ireland?
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Which rugby club did george hook play for?

He never played. But was coach at London Irish and Connacht,

Did George hook play rugby for Munster?

No. He was a coach for the American eagles and than Old belvedere. He was lousy

Does Ireland play rugby union?

Yes. Ireland is one of the world's leading rugby union nations.

Did Donal Lenihan play rugby for Ireland?

Yes. He played 52 times for Ireland.

Where does the Connacht Rugby team play?

The Connacht Rugby team, as their name implies, is a team that plays professional rugby. Connacht Rugby has four provincial rugby teams representing Ireland.

How many times have Ireland play US in rugby?

They have played 7 times

What rugby team did donal lenihan play for?

He played for 4 teams during his rugby career: Ireland, UCC, Cork Constitution and Munster.

Who did George Ballantyne play rugby for?


Where did ireland play russia in the rugby union international?

new zealand rwc 2011

Which countries play in the Six Nations rugby championship?

The Six Nations Rugby Championship is contested by England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales.

Is there American football in Ireland for kids?

Children in Ireland would play soccer, rugby and the national sport of Gaelic Football. They also play other sports. American Football would not be popular in Ireland and very few children would ever play it.

Did george best play for northern Ireland?


When did Ireland last play the All Blacks in rugby?

As of March 2015, they last played them in November 2013.

Where do Ireland play their national rugby union matches?

In Lansdowne Road, sometimes referred to as the Aviva Stadium.

Who do Ireland play in rugby world cup 2011?

Australia Ireland Italy Russia USA

What Irish rugby players are playing in France?

None of the top players most play in Ireland with a few in England

How many rugby union players in Ireland?

Professionally there are about 100. Altogether there are 20,000 teenage and adult men who play. Tag rugby is hugely popular though, has about 4 times that number.

What year did Gary pearce play rugby for wales?

3 caps total 2 in 1981 (Ireland, France) drop goal against Ireland 1 in 1982 against Ireland and scored a drop goal

How did Ireland rugby team do in the Heineken Cup in 2000?

The Heineken Cup is for clubs and provinces, not national teams, so Ireland did not play in the Heineken Cup in 2000. Munster, one of the teams from Ireland, were the beaten finalists in the 2000 final.

Who can play rugby?

Anyone can play rugby.

Who are four people that play rugby?

Four people that play rugby? Millions worldwide play Rugby mate.

How do people in Ireland play association football?

they kick the ball back and forth, the same way as anywhere else. Gaelic football, rugby, soccer and hurling are the most popular ball sports in Ireland.

What country do Northern Irelanders play for?

In terms of football, Northern Ireland it's self, In terms of Rugby, it is Ireland (IRFU), In terms of Olympic games, its Great Britain, which is referred to as 'Great Britain and Northern Ireland'

What is the ball that is used to play rugby?

You use a rugby ball to play rugby. It is shaped like an egg.

What are Irish habits?

People in Ireland like to play soccer and rugby. They also like to eat meals with roast and potatoes, and frequently visit pubs.