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Hands are considered part of the ball when in contact with the ball. If a defender strikes the hands of a player which are holding the ball, it is considered to be the same as the defender striking the ball. (I am a Basketball referee certified by IAABO)

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Q: When are the hands part of the ball if ever?
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If a football player manages to catch the football with his legs is it a legal completed pass?

No the hands of the eligable reciever have to have a part in completeing a cetch in the nfl u can use any part of your body for control but the hands have to be used to make a reception The above answer is essentially correct, however the pass is not ruled incomplete until the ball touches the ground. So a player can catch the ball between his legs as long as he then retrieves it with his hands and demonstrates control without the ball ever touching the ground.

What is other part of the body may you use to touch the ball?

Any part of the body except the hands or arms.

If you have the ball and someone knocks it out of your hands and goes out of bounds who is it out on?

the person that knocks the ball out of hands is the person it is out on

Can you make a goal in soccer with your head?

A player may play the ball with any part of the body except the hands or arms.

When at bat is it a foul ball if the batter is hit by the pitch on the hands?

If the ball strikes the bat handle and then the hands it is a foul ball. If the ball strikes the batter on the hands he is awarded first base, provided the pitch is not in the strike zone and the batter has made an attempt to avoid the ball. A batter is not entitled to first base if he is hit with a pitch while attempting to hit the ball.

Why do football players wear towels as part of their uniform?

To wipe iof their hands when it's raining or snowing or their hands just get sweaty.

How do you pass the ball?

With your hands...

Playing soccer ball with chest in soccer?

So long as you don't touch the ball with your arms and hands, you can play the ball with any part of your body. ***Even with your penis... Just like L.Messi did last time xD

How a goal is made in soccer is?

When the ball completely crosses the goal line using and body part other than hands/arms.

What is is the dirtiest part on a man?

* either his armpits or where ever he doesn't wash the mind...

Can a goalie use their hands after playing a ball with their feet?

Yes, a goalie can use his hands after playing the ball with their feet, provided that the ball was not passed to him by a team mate of his who passed the ball to him using their feet.

In soccer can a player use his hands and arms with the ball?

A player, one not the goal keeper, may not deliberately handle the ball.The designated goal keeper may deliberately handle the ball their hands when the ball is within their own penalty area.There are four cases where the GK may not do this...The GK should release the ball within 6 seconds after taking possession.The GK may not handle a ball passed directly by a team-mates foot.The GK may not handle a ball directly from a team-mates throw-in.The GK may not handle a ball they have released until another player touches it.