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Hands are considered part of the ball when in contact with the ball. If a defender strikes the hands of a player which are holding the ball, it is considered to be the same as the defender striking the ball. (I am a Basketball referee certified by IAABO)

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Q: When are the hands part of the ball if ever?
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What is other part of the body may you use to touch the ball?

Any part of the body except the hands or arms.

Can a Soccer ball touch any part of the body besides the hands or arms?

a Soccer ball can touch any part of the body except the hands or arms.This applies to the 10 out field players. Goalkeepers are allowed to use hands and arms in addition to any other body part in the 18 yard box only. Out side that area they too cannot use hands or arms to make contact with the ball. However, whist its an offices to use the hands/arms to make contact with the ball a referee may judge that the contacts was ball to hand meaning that the play could not possible have move that body part in time to prevent contact

If a football player manages to catch the football with his legs is it a legal completed pass?

No the hands of the eligable reciever have to have a part in completeing a cetch in the nfl u can use any part of your body for control but the hands have to be used to make a reception The above answer is essentially correct, however the pass is not ruled incomplete until the ball touches the ground. So a player can catch the ball between his legs as long as he then retrieves it with his hands and demonstrates control without the ball ever touching the ground.

What does it mean to trap the soccer ball?

stopping the ball with your chest, knee, foot or any body part except for your hands/arms

Who has the biggest hands ever in the NBA?

Dr.J Julius Erving Shaq also has gigantic hands at ESPN sports science sasha vujacic they printed shaq's hand on the ball it was almost covering half of the ball

What does it mean for a soccer player to trap the ball?

stopping the ball with your chest, knee, foot or any body part except for your hands and/or arms

Can you hit the ball with your head in volleyball?

yes, you can hit the ball with any part of your body as long as your not holding it then throwing it or lifiting it up with your hands

If you have the ball and someone knocks it out of your hands and goes out of bounds who is it out on?

the person that knocks the ball out of hands is the person it is out on

How do you handle the ball?

hold the ball tight in your hands once you get the ball.

How do you pass the ball?

With your hands...

What body parts are used in volleyball?

It should be your hands and forearms but technically any part that the ball bounces off of is okay and the legs are used also to get the ball

What is the goalies job in soccer?

To block the ball with any part of their body, including hands, to stop it from going into the goal.

Is the ball dead when it is in the goalies hands?

Here it is not a dead ball.

Can you make a goal in soccer with your head?

A player may play the ball with any part of the body except the hands or arms.

What is it called when both basketball teams have their hands on the ball?

Jump ball

Can the goalie have the ball in his hands in the semi circle at the top of the 18 yard box?

The semi circle describe is called the penalty arc and it is not considered part of the penalty area. A goal keeper may not touch the ball with their hands inside the penalty arc.

Can a goalie use their hands after playing a ball with their feet?

Yes, a goalie can use his hands after playing the ball with their feet, provided that the ball was not passed to him by a team mate of his who passed the ball to him using their feet.

What happens when a player touches the soccer ball with their hands?

Only a goalie can touch the ball with their hands. If another player does, a penalty is called and the other team gets the ball

How a goal is made in soccer is?

When the ball completely crosses the goal line using and body part other than hands/arms.

Who are the only players that can touch the ball in soccer?

Everyone can touch the ball in soccer, but not with their arms or hands. Only the goalie can do that. The goalie can touch the ball with any part of their body. The referee can't touch the ball, or else that would mess up play.

Playing soccer ball with chest in soccer?

So long as you don't touch the ball with your arms and hands, you can play the ball with any part of your body. ***Even with your penis... Just like L.Messi did last time xD

When soccer ball is in possession of goal keeper can the opponent keep kicking the ball?

no because the keeper if has two hands on the ball you can not kick it but if the keeper has one hand on the ball you may kick it out of the keepers hands.

What are the facilities and equipment in hand ball?

your hands

What change in soccer?

The ball is at your feet not hands

What happens if a goalie runs out of the goal box with the ball in his hands?

It is a hand ball