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So long as you don't touch the ball with your arms and hands, you can play the ball with any part of your body.

***Even with your penis... Just like L.Messi did last time xD

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Q: Playing soccer ball with chest in soccer?
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What is a soccer ball for?

For playing soccer

What are soccer balls?

What is a soccer ballA soccer ball is an inflated ball used for playing soccer or football. The sizes range from mini ball to size 5. It is used for people to kick, head, thigh, chest, or anything else besides hand. Involved in THE BEST SPORT EVER!

Can you tap a soccer ball while you are playing?

yes you can tap a ball when you are playing

What does mean for a player to trap the ball in soccer?

It means to stop the ball with your foot, thigh, or chest.

What objects are in motion when playing soccer?

the objects in soccer that aremoving are the soccer ball and the people

What was the first ball used in playing volleyball?

a football/soccer ball

What do you shoot in while playing the sport soccer?

You shoot a soccer ball in a goal net.

What components should be concentrated on while playing soccer?

the ball...

What are the equipments for playing soccer?

Jersey/shirt, shorts, shin pads, socks, soccer cleats, and a soccer ball

Can you die after getting kicked in the chest with a soccer ball?

No your stomach would just hurt a lot

Why would a female rabbit hump a football?

She is probably trying to get on it.Mine does that with soccer ball, balloon whatever, try giving her a soccer ball, she is just playing, will roll the soccer ball around

What does it mean to trap the soccer ball?

stopping the ball with your chest, knee, foot or any body part except for your hands/arms

What does a soccer ball represent?

A soccer ball simply represents a tool for playing the game of soccer. It is circular and about 27 inches in circumference, and is used to play the sport worldwide.

What does it mean for a soccer player to trap the ball?

stopping the ball with your chest, knee, foot or any body part except for your hands and/or arms

Which ball has more kinetic energy a soccer ball or a billard ball for playing pool?

billard ball because it has more density

Why isn't soccer called soccer ball?

It isn't called soccer ball because the soccer ball is the ball you use in soccer. See? I have actually heard people call it soccer and soccer ball.

Compare and contrast soccer and volleyball?

compare- they only have two teams playing at once. contrast- volleyball use your hands to hit the ball and soccer you kick the ball

What is the power of the soccer ball?

What is the power of the soccer ball

How does a soccer ball work?

the soccer ball is full of air all you have to do is kick the soccer ball and it rolls

When playing soccer do you look at ball?

sort of. if you've played it before then you'll know

What are 5 basic soccer skills?

Controlling the ball with proper foot work is essential to playing soccer. Playing well with others, heading the ball since using hands is not allowed, and trapping the ball which helps gain control of the game, are the most basic skills.

Which has more volume a football or a soccer ball?

a Soccer ball

How much rubber is in a soccer ball?

There is no rubber in a soccer ball

What is inside a soccer ball?

There is air inside a soccer ball.

What is a supporter soccer ball?

A supporter soccer ball is your mom