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Q: When are NFL teams wearing throwback uniforms this season?
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What major league baseball teams wear only two uniforms excluding throwback uniforms during regular season?

the bobcats

What does stpg mean on twins hats?

Both teams are wearing uniforms in tribute to the negro leagues.. the Indians wearing 1946 Cleveland Buckeyes throwback uniforms, and the Twins dressing like the 1909 St. Paul Gophers.

Why are NFL teams wearing throwback uniforms this season?

So the NFL has another jersey to sell! It's strictly motivated by money. It is something they do to celebrate past years in NFL history. In 2009, it was the 50th year of the AFL, so that also brought special meaning and teams wore their original uniforms when they played each other.

When NFL teams wear throwback uniforms are the helmets painted or are they different helmets?

Different helmets

Where can a throwback jersey be bought?

A throwback jersey can be bought from retro throwbacks. Wearing a retro throwback is a way of showing respect to sports teams, or sports persons, of a past age.

What NBA teams will be wearing new uniforms in 2010 season?

Lakers, Magic, Cavaliers, Celtics, Raptors, Trailblazers, and 76ers.

Why does Pat the Patriot wear the number 63 on his jersey?

Pat Patriot does not usually wear #63, he usually wears 1 or 0. However, this season (2009) the original AFL teams are going to be wearing throwback uniforms to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the AFL. In the Patriots case, they chose the uniform from 1963. Thus, in tribute the 1963 team, Pat Patriot wore jersey #63 for the season opener versus the Buffalo Bills (who were also wearing a 1960's throwback uniform)

Why are the football teams wearing throw back uniforms?

honoring the older athletes

Why did Green Bay Packers change their color jersey?

They were using their throwback uniforms, today. Almost all NFL teams do that sometime in the year.

Why are football teams in college wearing non traditional green uniforms?

because they are trying to be differient

What colors will the super bowl 2014 teams be wearing?

The home team the Broncos will be wearing orange uniforms. The Seahawks will be wearing white jerseys and gray pants.

How many uniforms do the New York Yankees have?

The Yankees generally have a home, away and alternate jersey that they wear to coordinate with the occasion. Some teams, including the Yankees, have throwback days, in where the teams wear jerseys that were worn by past teams in other decades.

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