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Different helmets

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Q: When NFL teams wear throwback uniforms are the helmets painted or are they different helmets?
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Are the university of Michigan football helmets painted or decals?


What was painted on the 9th infantry regiment's helmets in World War 1?

Many helmets worn by soldiers in World War I had pictures painted on them like lightning bolts, dice, and targets. The 9th infantry regiment's helmets had targets painted on the tops of them that looked like bulls' eyes.

Are football helmets painted?

No, it is some type of colored tape used for decorating.

What is the first team in the NFL to have a team badge on their helmets?

In 1948, Fred Gehrke, halfback for the Los Angeles Rams, painted horns on the Rams helmets.

What are some colors for motorcycle helmets?

No they do no normally come in pink or purple. However you can get a helmets custom painted at you local bike painting shop or at

Are NFL helmets painted for each game?

No the pictures are decals. Each player has two helmets per game so they can change them out if need be during the game.

Why did they have horse hair on their helmets?

For decoration. Same reason some armies had brass eagles, or spikes, or painted shields, or unit crests on their helmets; decoration. In Vietnam, American GI's wrote griffiti on the cloth camoflage covers which adorned their steel helmets.

Was there a specific division that had painted the spade on their helmets and what was the significance of that?

506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division

What were the uniforms used in the Revolutionary War?

The British were called "lobster-backs", "redcoats" because of their fiery red wool uniforms. Continental troops wore rags or farm clothes to war, until King George funded their uniforms and general George Washington picked the color blue. German Hessian Troops, also part of the British army, adorned purple and gold uniforms. these colors are unusual along with the hat or helmet the Hessian wore. The hats were shaped like cones or funnels on their head. The helmets were painted gold.See below for images-

Why are light houses painted different colours?

lighthouses are painted different so they stand out

How did Raphael paint?

he painted in different colours and he painted really slowly

What does the spade symbol stand for?

During WWII, the spade symbol was painted on helmets. In this sense, they were used to symbolize good luck to the people who wore them.

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