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Tenzinggurl22 says: The First Rugby World Cup was hosted by New Zealand and Australia in 1987 and was won by New Zealand.

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Q: When and where was the first rugby World Cup held in?
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Where is the Rugby World Cup currently being held?

The Rugby World Cup is being held in 2011 in New Zealand.

Where will the rugby world cup be held in 2011?

That cup will be held in New Zealand.

Which country won the 1ST Rugby Union world cup in the 1970's?

The first Rugby Union World Cup was held in 1987 and won by New Zealand.

Where was the 1999 rugby World Cup played?

The Rugby World Cup competition of 1999 was held in Wales.

Where was the 2007 rugby world cup held or other Why is where was it?

It was held in France.

Where will the rugby world cup be held in 2015?


What country won the 1995 rugby world cup?

The 1991 Rugby World Cup final was held at Twickenham Stadium, in London, England.

Who won the rugby world cup in 2002?

Nothing at all happened in the 2000 Rugby World Cup as there was not one. Rugby World Cups are held every four years with first being in 1987, hence 1999 and 2003 were the ones on either side of 2000

When Did Fiji win the rugby World Cup?

They have never won the world cup for rugby union however with the exception of the rugby sevens, they have held this title before.

In which year was the first rugby World Cup held?

The competition was held jointly between Australia and New Zealand in 1987. The actual tournament final was played in Aukland, New Zealand. The finalists were New Zealand and France. New Zealand won the game 29 -9.

Who was the first rugby world champs?

New Zealand won the inaurgural World Cup in 1987, held on home soil.

Which country was the last rugby world cup held?

France hosted the 2007 World cup