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no,it slows down. i know because i play.

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Q: When a softball is hit or thrown and then makes contact with the ground does the softball pick up speed?
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Which force makes a thrown ball fall back to the ground?

Gravity is the force which makes a thrown ball fall back to the ground. It is the force which attracts all objects to the Earth.

What makes a softball?

On a softball the first thing they make to make a softball is that there is a rock ball in it and then there is alot of string raped around it and on the outside is white or yellow rubber and the string holds the rubber together and it forms a softball shape. What makes the softball stick on the string under is this sticky brown stuff. The rock ball under is like a really hard piece of dirt. If you take a softball apart and get to the rock ball and throw it on the ground, it will break in half or into pieces.

Does a core of a softball bounce?

Yes, the core of a softball does bounce. It is made out of cork. This is what makes the softball bounce.

Where do you put the ground wire in a 1997 cavalier?

A ground is a ground...You can put it to any metel part or screw as long as it makes contact with the chassis or frame.

What makes softball a sport?

Softball is a sport, although some people may not agree it is. Softball is everything baseball is, just for girls.

Who makes the best softballs?

Trump Softball

What makes a pich high or low?

It depends on the angle a pitcher releases the ball, and the type of pitch being thrown. This can change from softball to baseball, as one has a mostly overhand delivery and the other an underhand delivery.

What body systems does softball benefit?

Muscular, Respiratory, nervous. Softball makes you healthier in general

What is an earth fault in electrical wiring?

An earth fault is when an energized wire makes contact to a ground wire that is tied into a grounding rod, which is in the earths ground.

Describe contact force and noncontact force that affect the motion of a baseball a pitcher has thrown the ball?

The contact force will keep the ball moving but as the ball goes farther the ball slows down that's were the non contact force comes in it makes the ball not in contact

What is a softball made out of that makes it so easy to throw?

a softbal is not easy to throw- you probably are not throwing a real softball.

What is the best material for a softball bat?

Softball bats are normally made out of metal. Louisville slugger is the main company that makes softball bats. While they also make wood, metal is used in softball.

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