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Q: When a player is at bat and the pitcher delivers a ball that only hits his uniform and not his body is he still awarded first base?
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If the pitcher delivers a ball that hits the batter's uniform but not the player himself is the batter still awarded first base?

Yes, a Pitcher pitching a baseball in a Major League Baseball game and if the pitched ball ends up hitting any part of the batter who is at the plate regardless of whether it's his uniform, his shoes, his battling gloves or even his helmet it would be ruled as the ball hitting him and therefore it would be credited as a Hit by Pitch and the umpire would award you first base automatically.

How can a softball player be awarded a walk if only 2 pitches have been made?

if the pitcher hits them with the ball, they get an automatic walk.

What Yankee pitcher wore number 11 in 1970?

No player on the New York Yankees wore uniform number 11 in 1970.

Which New York Giants baseball player wore uniform number 35?

The most well known was pitcher Sal Maglie who wore #35 for the Giants between 1950-1955.

When is a penalty shot awarded in soccer?

A penalty is awarded to your team in soccer when the opposing team player fouls your team player inside your goalie box

Which area of the field does a foul have to occur for a penalty kick to be awarded?

If a player fouls an opposing team player in their 'own penalty box' a penalty is awarded

What does the uniform of a baseball player need to have?

a number

Batting gloves part of uniform when they hang out of pocket if they should be hit by ball?

No. Should a player's batting glove that is hanging out of his pocket be hit by a pitched ball, the player is not awarded first base. That (batting glove hanging out of a pocket) is not considered part of the batter's body nor part of the equipment a player wears. If the ball hits the bill of the helmet, the player is awarded first base because the helmet is part of the equipment all players wears to bat.

In which sport Conn Smythe Trophy awarded?

The Conn Smythe Trophy is awarded in the National Hockey League, or NHL. It is awarded to the most valuable player in the playoffs.

When is a free throw awarded?

A free throw is awarded when a defensive player makes a foul upon an offensive player when the offensive player is attempting to shoot. A foul is given if a defensive player: - takes hold of an offensive player - pushes an offensive player - hits an offensive player

Who picks the uniform that a baseball player wears into the hall of fame?

MLB not the player?

What is a basketball uniform'?

Basketball Uniform (jersey) is important to discern the teams, they are usually shorts and tops. Each player on the court must have a number on their uniform.

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