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The only way a hit-by-pitch walk can be recorded is if the batter is actually hit by the pitcher. Once another defensive player has touched the ball it is no longer the pitcher's responsibility.

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Q: When a pitcher pitches and the ball does not hit the groundand the batter does not swing but ball bounces off catchers mitt and hits batter why isn't that a walk?
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Do catchers call the pitches in MLB?

Some catchers are allowed more leeway to call pitches by their managers than others. But usually pitches are called by the manager or pitching coach and relayed to the pitcher by the catcher.

Why does a softball sting when the pitcher pitches the ball to the catcher?

The velocity of the softball that is pitched is fast enough to hit the catchers glove with a lot of force so it causes the catcher's hand to sting or hurt

What is a pitcher?

A pitcher is the person who pitches, or throws, the ball to the batter.

What is the smallest number of pitches that a pitcher can pitch and still come away with a complete game?

27 pitches. If a pitcher can get every batter out with one pitch then the total amount of pitches for the game for that pitcher will be 27.

How many warm-up pitches does a re-entering pitcher get?

5 pitches.

Most pitches thrown in a game?

683 pitches is the most thrown a pitcher lol

Does a pitcher pitch good or pitch well?

A good pitcher pitches well.

How many warm up pitches does a relief pitcher get for coming into a game to replace an ejected pitcher?

As many as he needs. If a pitcher replaces another pitcher whom the manager just pulled, then the incoming pitcher gets a maximum of 8 pitches.

Which pitcher holds the record for most pitches in?

There is no records kept as to the number of pitches in, out, high or low.

Can a pitcher switch positions during his pitches?


What is it called when a pitcher pitches left handed?


A pitcher of a tessellation?

I am not aware of anyone who pitches tessellations.

Is the word pitcher of the baseball kind a verb?

No, the word 'pitcher' is a word for the person who pitches the ball; a noun.The verb forms are: pitch, pitches, pitching, pitched.

Has any pitcher throw the minimum pitches in baseball history?

No pitcher in baseball history has ever thrown the minimum of 27 pitches in a 9 inning game.

What is the limit of pitches a pitcher can throw in a single game?

no limit

How many pre-game warm up pitches does the starting pitcher throw out in the bull pen?

3 pitches...

What is the least number of pitches for a pitcher in a 9 inning win?

27 pitches dude u should know that

How many pitches does a pitcher need to be eligible for a win?

it could just be 1 pitch. all bepends on what stage the game is when that pitcher pitches. it would have to be the 5th inning or later.

Why is the pitcher's mound so high?

if the pitcher is throwing at a down angle, his breaking pitches will move more.

How do you throw the pitches that a Major League Baseball pitcher throws?

Click on the links under the 'Related Questions' heading at the bottom of this page for instructions on throwing the pitches an MLB pitcher throws.

How many warm up pitches does a re entering pitcher get?


Do you get to take first base if the pitcher pitches the ball behind you?

No, you can't.

What is the zone called where the pitcher tries to throw his or her pitches?

The strike zone

What is the least amount of pitches a pitcher can throw in one game?


What is a softball pitcher?

A softball pitcher is the girl in the circle on the mound in the center of the field. She is the girl who pitches the ball to the batters.