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They don't. Basically, what the players do is they try and field the ball like in any other play.

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Q: When a bunt where do players move to cover?
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Why do you bunt a softball?

You bunt to get on base, just like a hit. You also bunt to sacrifice in order to move runners on base.

What is a bunt that allows a baserunner to move to the next base while the batter gets out?

A sacrifice bunt.

What is bunt in baseball?

A bunt is when you do not swing the bat, rather you move the bat about mid-chest, and let the ball's velocity do all the damage. Baseball players do this because it allows them to have a better control on the location the ball lands in. Often it is used as a sacrifice for a run.

What is a sacrifice in softball?

In softball when a coach or a player says scarifice to the batter they want you to make a scarafice bunt. when doing this bunt you want your player to square up when the pitcher is in her wind up, to get ready for the bunt. This play is extreamly imortant, in order for this to work the player must bunt the ball in order for the player on first to advnce to second. The player who does the bunt has very little to no chance of being safe. This play is intended to move players along the bases.

What is fluke bunt?

fluke bunt is a fluke bunt

What is a Butcher-Boy single in baseball?

It's when you square around to bunt, but then bring the bat back and swing away. Typically used to try and punch the ball to the infield area just vacated by the defense who has players moving in response to the bunt attempt. Since the runners are on the move during a bunt attempt, they can frequently move up 2 bases if the butcher boy swing is succesful in driving the ball into the shallow outfield. It is definitelly different than a Baltimore chop.

Who covers third if the third baseman is covering home and there is a play at first?

That situation sounds somewhat similar to what is called the rotation play or wheel play in bunt situations. During a bunt situation, usually the first baseman and third baseman cover the bunt while the second baseman will cover first base and the shortstop will cover third base. In the situation you describe it sounds like the shortstop would be the defensive player to cover third base.

What is a bunt bake?

this is a bunt cake.

Why is a batter out on a bunt on the second strike?

It is too easy to bunt a ball foul. A player could, in theory, continue to bunt the ball foul for 20 pitches and wear out the pitcher. The rule stating "Foul ball on a bunt is always considered a strike" prevents this from happening. Over the years there have been players who can hit the ball foul on purpose without bunting, and have used this talent to wear out a pitcher. It requires more bat control than most players have, however.

When can a batter not bunt?

A batter can bunt anytime ...whether it's wise to bunt is a different story.

Is a slap bunt that goes foul on the third strike a out?

Any bunt that goes foul on a third strike is an out, so long as the umpire rules it a bunt. If the batter crosses legs to attempt a slap bunt, it will be ruled a bunt.

When did Darrell Bunt die?

Darrell Bunt died in 1977.

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