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It would be scored as an out and the credit would go to the catcher, since he is the closest player to play.


It depends upon whether the ball was contacted in fair or foul territory when contacted by the runner.

In fair territory the runner is out, play is dead (runners can't advance), and the catcher is credited with the putout.

In foul territory, it depends on the count. With two strikes the batter is out, and the pitcher is credited with a strikeout. With less than two strikes, it is treated as a strike.

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If the official scorer ruled the batted ball a base hit, it would be scored as a single. If the official scorer ruled the batted ball an error, it would be ruled a one base error.

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It counts as a single. an error is awarded to the fielder

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Q: When a batter advances to second on a bad throw to from the outfield is this a 2 base hit or a single and a stolen base?
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How many ways to score from second base?

You can score from second base several ways. First, you can score on a single if it is hit far enough. You can also score on an error. You can steal third and make it home on a bunt or a hit. You can reach home from second base with a sacrifice hit, or an extra base hit by the batter.

Is to possible to get a single but not get to first base?

Yes it is posible. If a batter is to hit it into left field which would normally get him a single, but he also tries for second and is thrown out trying to get to second it will count as a single even though the runner is out.

Is second base considered scoring position?

Yes. Second and third base are considered scoring position because a runner should be able to score on a single to the outfield.

Is the batter credited with a double if he is thrown out while advancing to third base?

No, once you are tagged out you don't get credited with anything if you are the one at bat. Now if another batter hits the ball and there was already a man on base at first and he gets tagged at 2nd base, then yes the man on 1st base would get the single from his previous at bat If the batted ball was cleanly a base hit and he was thrown out trying to advance past first base then the batter would be given the hit corresponding to the last base the batter reached safely. If the batter was thrown out at second, the batter would be given a single. If the batter was thrown out at third, the batter would be given a double. If the batter was thrown out at home plate, the batter would be given a triple.

Can there be an earned run on an infield single if the runner scores from second base?

In my opinion, if the pitcher who is responsible for the batter being on second base to begin with, then I believe it is an earned run...

Is it possible to hit 3 triples 3 singles and have a stolen base in one inning?

Batter 1: Triples but is out at the plate trying to stretch it to an inside the park homerun. Batter 2: Triples but is out at the plate trying to stretch it to an inside the park homerun. Batter 3: Triples and stays at third. Batter 4: Hits an infield single, runner holds at third. Batter 4: Steals second while runner at third holds. Batter 5: Hits an infield single, runners at second and third hold. Batter 6: Hits a ball that strikes a baserunner in play. Runner is out and batter is credited with a single. No runs, 6 hits, a stolen base, and three LOB.

How can a team have 3 triples 1 double 2 singles and 2 stolen bases in one half inning without scoring any runs?

1st batter hits a ball to the outfield and is out at home trying to score. 2nd batter does the same thing. 3rd batter hits a double, 4th batter hits an infield single but the man on second is held at 2nd base, With 5th batter at bat the men on base pull off a double steal advancing to 2nd and 3rd base. the 5th batter also hits an infield single and the runners hold. Bases loaded. The 6th batter hits a long ball to the outfield, men on base advance toward home but in the jubulation they fail to touch home and await the 6th batter,who touches 3rd base and steps on home plate before the other base runners do and in then called out for passing the runners on the base. He is created with a triple and called out. 3 outs and the 1/2 inning is over.

What is the ruling when a batter hits a grand slam but passes the runner at first between first and second...Does he get the RBIs...Does he get a single?

The batter is declared out and awarded a single since first base was the last base he reached safely before being called out. All three runners score and the batter is awarded 3 RBIs.

Does the runner score from third if batter tries to stretch a single and gets thrown out at second base?

If there are less than two outs, yes. If there are two outs, this is a timing play. If the runner crosses home plate before the batter is thrown out at second base, the run counts. If the batter is thrown out at second base before the runner crosses home plate, the run does not count.

3 triples 1 double 2 singles 2 stolen bases 1 inning no runs by one team?

Batter 1 triple out trying to come home Batter 2 triple out trying to come home batter 3 triple stays glued to third batter 4 double stays glued to second batter 5 single stays glued to first batter 6 single final out is a tag of home or a tag of the runner from first who didn't advance

What is a single in baseball?

A single is a hit that allows the batter to get to first base.

Runner on first batter hits between first and second runner is hit by ball running to second how is the batter scored?

The batter is awarded a single. MLB Rule 10.05(5) states that a batter is credited with a base hit when: "A fair ball that has not been touched by a fielder touches a runner or an umpire, unless a runner is called out for having been touched by an Infield Fly, in which case the official scorer shall not score a hit".