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Both players get $40,000,000. But I think you wanted to know how much EACH player is paid. Let's call the catcher's salary X. The pitcher gets 4 times that much, so it is 4X. Added to the catcher's salary (4x+x=5x) Now divide the total pay (40,000,000) by 5. That is 800,000. That is the catcher's pay. The pitcher gets 4 times that much- (4 x 800,000) or $3,200,000.

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Q: When a baseball team paid its pitcher four times more than its catcher. The team paid 40000000 for both salaries. How much does both players get paid?
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In baseball does the pitcher follow the instructions of the catcher?

No, in baseball the pitcher does not follow the instructions of the catcher.

What is a pitcher and a catcher in baseball?

The common term for a pitcher and catcher is "battery."

What does a pitcher throw to a catcher?

A baseball

In baseball what is the battery?

The battery in baseball terms is the pitcher and the catcher.

What is the player in baseball that signals to the pitcher called?


When a pitcher tosses a baseball to the catcher across home plate what is the projectile?


When a pitcher tosses a baseball to the catcher across the home plate what is the projectile?


When a pitcher tosses a baseball to the catcher across the home plates what is the projectile?


Can a catcher in baseball move while the pitcher is in his windup?

yes he can

What is the job of the catcher on a baseball team?

the job of a catcher in a baseball game is to catch the ball when the pitcher pitches the ball across the plate.

What two baseball players make up the battery?

The Pitcher and the Catcher

What is a battery in baseball terms?

"The battery" refers to a team's pitcher and catcher.

What player throws the baseball toward the catcher from an elevated mound?

The pitcher.

What is a catcher in baseball?

As the name suggests, the catcher catches the balls thrown by the pitcher and prevents baserunners from stealing bases.

Are pitcher and catcher practices of official baseball teams open to the public?


Why do they call the pitcher and catcher in baseball the battery?

Because like a battery they are the ones that make everything go. Every play in baseball starts with the pitcher (pitching the ball) and the catcher (giving signs and directing the defense) -- If you dont have the pitcher and catcher, you cant play baseball.. kind of like if a car doesnt have a battery it cant go anywhere

Name of person who throws a baseball?

A pitcher throws a baseball to the catcher while the batter trys to hit it.

Where does the pitcher try to throw the ball?

The pitcher in baseball trys to throw the ball to the back catcher who is behind the home plate.

How far is the pitcher from the catcher in major league baseball?

60 feet 6 inches

In baseball when a batter strikeouts who gets credit for the out The pitcher or catcher?

The catcher since (s)he needs to control the ball in order for the out to be recorded.

How far is the pitcher from the catcher in10 year olds baseball?

Little League Baseball Field measurements from the Pitcher's Rubber to Home Plate is 46 feet.

How far away is the pitcher from the catcher?

Baseball fields from high school on up have the pitcher's rubber located 60 feet 6 inches from home plate. The catcher lines up a couple feet behind the plate, so the pitcher and catcher are about 63 feet apart.

In high school baseball box scores what are batteries and the number in paretheses mean?

A pitcher and catcher are called a 'battery'. A number in parenthesis next to a player's name would mean the inning the pitcher/catcher came into the game. The starting pitcher and catcher do not have a number in parenthesis next to their names.

Who signals the pitcher?


How many players are infield on the baseball?

if you include the catcher, 6. theres pitcher, 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, shortstop and catcher