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Q: Whaty sports are similar to softball?
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What sports are most similar to each other?

Baseball and softball

Whaty whaty what what-?


How far is it from derbyshire to Manchester?

whaty is the page for whaty is the page for

Who is the number one softball manufacturer?

4 biggest manufacturers of softball equipment are: Dudley Sports, Easton Sports, Louisville Slugger, and Worth Sports. David,

What sports are represented in the world cup?

softball, rugby, snowboard, amputee sports, bowling, cricket, field hockey, alpine skiing, softball

Sports in the spring?

Softball and tennis are really fun spring sports

Why did softball player Jennifer Sharron be involved in sports?

She became a softball player because as a young child she always enjoyed softball

What are the sports taken out of the Olympics?

Softball and Lacrosse

How are volleyball and softball alike?

They are both sports

Where to purchase a softball bat with 1.21 bpf?

Sports Authority, I did verify they have softball bats with 1.21 BPF.

What sports do only girls play besides softball?

All the sports that boys do but with girls.

What sports are they taking out of the Olympics?

Sports in the 2008 Games that will not be in the 2012 Games are baseball and softball.

From where can a fastpitch softball bat be purchased?

Any good sports retailer store or website will sell Fastpitch softball bats. This includes stores such as JJB Sports and Sports Direct. They can also be purchased from general online stores such as Amazon.

Which word in this sentence is a closed compound Volleyball and softball are exciting Olympic sports?

all her friends play softball

What is the compound subject in the sentence Swimming and softball are two sports in the olympic games?

The compound subject is "Swimming and softball".

What are two sports woman only play?


Where is softball ranked for most popular sports?


What sports did Carrie Underwood play?

softball, flag football, and basketball

Which is more of a sport track or softball?

there all sports.

What is the difference from today's softball bat to the past?


What sports cross train with baseball?

Softball, wiffleball, kickball and stickball.

Why was softball created?

softball was created because softball is a sport similar to baseball but for girls,and with a larger ball.and also an under hand pitch,not overhand

What is the difference between softball mat and softball home plate?

A softball mat is similar to home plate except it is movable, as the plate is drilled into the ground

Is softball still a medal sport in the Olympics?

Softball will not be a medal sport at the 2012 Games in London. Both softball and baseball were removed from the medal sports beginning with the 2012 Games.

How many sports and events were held at the Beijing Olympics?

28 summer sports *new to the clan was softball*