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The maximum weight for a person to skydive is 220 pounds.

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Q: Whats the weight you have to be skydiver?
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When air resistance on a falling skydiver builds up to 0.3 the weight of the skydiver what is the acceleration of the skydiver?

The acceleration will be 0.7 of the initial acceleration. 0.7x9.81=6.87m/s^2

How much does a skydiver weight on earth?

as much as en elf

How fast does a skydiver fall?

Varies depending on body position and weight of the skydiver. Could be anywhere from 100 to over 200 miles per hour.

How does a skydiver increase his or her terminal velocity?

adding weight and by decresing air recistance

What actors and actresses appeared in Beyond the Thrill - 2014?

The cast of Beyond the Thrill - 2014 includes: Nick Halseth as Skydiver Greg Heideman as Skydiver Andy Junghans as Skydiver John Kreutchmeyer as Skydiver Alissa Olson as Skydiver

What is the acceleration of a skydiver when air resistance builds up to half his weight?

When the air resistance acting upwards on a skydiver equals half his weight, the resultant force on the skydiver will therefore be only half as much as his weight. Since acceleration is proportional to resultant force, the acceleration will only be half as much if the only force acting was gravity. Acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 metres per second squared, so the answer is 4.9 metres per second squared.

Why won't a skydiver's speed continue to increase until his or her parachute opens?

Once a skydiver jumps off the plane, they will begin picking up speed. However, as the speed of the skydiver increases, the amount of air resistance acting upon them will also increase. The skydiver will continue to accelerate while his or her weight is greater than the air resistance. When the force of the air resistance becomes equal to the weight of the skydiver, the skydiver will stop accelerating and will continue falling at a constant speed, this is known as the terminal velocity. While travelling at terminal velocity, the skydiver will be able to adjust his or her body position in a way that will increase or decrease the air resistance and allow the diver to alter their speed. Releasing his or her parachute will drastically increase the amount of air resistance and therefore slow their descent significantly.

What kind of forces work on a skydiver?

Gravity pulling the skydiver to the ground as well as wind resistance pushing up on the skydiver.

Who is the oldest skydiver?

What is a skydivers velocity after 2 seconds?

Acceleration due to gravity is 9.8m/s/s, which is the same as 9.8m/s2. An acceleration of 9.8m/s/s means that with each passing second, the velocity of the skydiver increases by 9.8m/s. Therefore, after two seconds. a skydiver's velocity would be 19.6m/s. The acceleration will continue at 9.8m/s/s until the skydiver reaches terminal velocity, at which point the weight of the skydiver and the air resistance will be balanced, so the net force acting on the skydiver will be zero, at which point there will be no further acceleration.

How much air resistance acts on a 500 N skydiver that falls at her terminal velocity?

500 N is pressumably the weight, due to gravity. "Terminal velocity" means that the forces are in balance; the total force acting on the skydiver are zero. This is only possible if there is a 500 N force due to friction, to counteract the weight.

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When did Eli Thompson - skydiver - die?

Eli Thompson - skydiver - died in 2009.

When was Eli Thompson - skydiver - born?

Eli Thompson - skydiver - was born in 1973.

Could you give an example of something moving when net force of zero acts on it?

Certainly. Say you have an object that has been falling through the air for a long time, say a skydiver. After falling for a long time, the skydiver will fall at a constant velocity. This is called terminal velocity, and this is when the air resistance pushing up around the skydiver is equal to the force of gravity pulling the skydiver down. The skydiver is not accelerating. By using F= ma, with zero acceleration, there is zero net force. The skydiver is moving as if there are no forces acting on the skydiver.

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What are the forces involved in skydiving?

The forces involved in the freefall part of a skydive are Gravity and air resistance (drag). As the parachute is deployed, drag opens the canopy and the skydiver's weight provides tension on the lines. When the canopy has opened, the skydiver's weight is supported lift provided by the canopy. The canopy also generates thrust and drag, like an aeroplane's wing.

When does a skydiver have the greatest kinetic energy?

A skydiver have the greatest kinetic energy as he/she wants to hit the water.

How can a skier achieve greater velocity than a skydiver?

If a skier is in a jump, then a skier and skydiver is pretty much the same thing. In general though, a skydiver has only air resistance, the skier has air resistance and friction with the ski-snow, so the skydiver has an edge on speed.

What actors and actresses appeared in Skydiver Felix Baumgartner Leaps to Record - 2012?

The cast of Skydiver Felix Baumgartner Leaps to Record - 2012 includes: Felix Baumgartner as Himself - Skydiver

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Is there a ratio between a skydiver and a parachute?

For an experienced skydiver, it is 1:1, for a trainee and trainer it is 2:1.

Whats the average weight for adults?

depends on what country

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