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ollie is acuallly the hardest but i gues so far its a shuv-it

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โˆ™ 2009-05-22 12:35:57
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Q: Whats the easiest trick to do on a skateboard?
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What is the easiest skateboard trick to do?

The easiest trick to do while getting the board off the ground is an ollie.

What is the easiest skateboard trick?

The roll

What is the easiest skateboard trick to learn?

body varial, wall push , ollie ;pop shuv it ,and shuv its

Is ollie a skateboard trick?

An ollie is a skateboard trick. And an ollie is a vital part in almost every trick.

Has anyone died while doing a trick on a skateboard?

Yes, and if you have a skateboard be careful not to use any tricks that you've wanted, and like those other people died on a skateboard, and it's really hard and dangerous to use a trick in a skateboard. Please do not use a skateboard trick.

Is there such trick as an ollie south?

No it's a fake skateboard trick

Is landing a skateboard trick with one foot considered a trick?


What is the easiest gymnastic trick?

There is no "Easiest" trick. It matters on the person and there talents.

What is the easiest gymnastics trick?

The Forward roll is the easiest trick if you don't have to stand

Is a hippie ollie a real trick on a skateboard?

yes a hippie ollie is a real trick. its just where your riding and you jump up and land on your skateboard. the skateboard stays on the ground but u jump. very different from an ollie.

Whats the worst skateboard?

The worst skateboard is one that you get for 2 dollars at a garage sale!

Is a skateboard a physical change?


What is the next easiest trick after an ollie?

I would say that the pop SUV it is the next easiest trick.

What is the easiest snowboard trick to start with?

The easiest trick is either a front-side 180 or an ollie

What is the easiest flip trick to do on a skateboard?

first of all an ollie is just like a jump and second of all a flip would be a kickflip a finger flip even a heelflip and third of all there is no third of all

Definition for the word manual skateboarding trick?

It is a trick where you ride on the back rucks of your skateboard.

Is Olly Cool?

No olly is a skateboard trick

Is there a skateboard trick called creator top?


What is the most popular skateboard trick?


What is the easiest skateboard sponsor to get?

Your Mom's purse.

Is riding a skateboard a trick?

No it isn't a trick unless you do tricks on it ex: kickflip ollie etc.

What was the first ever skateboard trick?

kick flip

What are the best trucks for a skateboard trick?

Venture (IMO)

What is the esyest skateboard trick?

Ollie. You can find trick tips on it on youtube. Ride Channel does a good job.

How many skateboard tricks are there?

there are more then 100 skateboarding trick.