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No it's a fake skateboard trick

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Q: Is there such trick as an ollie south?
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Is ollie a skateboard trick?

An ollie is a skateboard trick. And an ollie is a vital part in almost every trick.

What was Ryan Shecklers first trick?

ollie ollie

What is an ollie?

An Ollie is a skateboarding trick. It is basically a jump while on a skateboard.

Is the skateboard trick spelled nollie or ollie?

there is 2 tricks there is a ollie and a nollie

If you are doing ollie you are doing what?

Either a skateboard trick, or a girl named Ollie ;)

What is the first trick every skateboarder learns?

the ollie

Is riding a skateboard a trick?

No it isn't a trick unless you do tricks on it ex: kickflip ollie etc.

What is the easiest snowboard trick to start with?

The easiest trick is either a front-side 180 or an ollie

How do you do tricks on the yo baby skateboard?

you have to say what trick. most start with a ollie but not all.if you can do a ollie you can do other tricks.

What is the most popular skateboarding trick of all time?

The Ollie......everyone knows that well either the Ollie or kickflip but I'm pretty sure it's the ollie

What is the esyest skateboard trick?

Ollie. You can find trick tips on it on youtube. Ride Channel does a good job.

What is the third trick to learn on a skateboard?

ollie, pop shuv-it, kickflip