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You can but I wouldn't wear it to Ballet class after you swim in it.

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Q: Can you wear ballet body suit to swim with?
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What kind of costumes do ballet dancers wear?

Usually ballet dancers wear a body suit with a skirt or tutu, or a dress always with tights inculded and ballet slippers

What do ballet dancers wear?

There are different things that ballet dancers can wear. If you are just starting ballet and you are little, you would wear white tights with a pink body suit and a skirt (not a tu tu), ballet shoes with your hair in a bun. If you have been doing ballet for a couple of years and your are an intermediate you would wear white tights and a blue body suit, ballet shoes and your hair in a bun. If you are a senior and you have been dancing for a while now, you wear a black body suit with white tights and ballet shoes with your hair in a bun. The only time you would wear a tu tu is on stage as a costume when you are performing.

What kind of swim suit do you wear to swimming lessons?

a swim suit

What are the suit they wear in swimming olympic?

A swim suit!

Can you wear a felt hat with your swim suit?

It is very stylish to wear a felt hat with a swim suit. It is a popular trend today to wear it with your swimsuit.

What do you wear to swim?

swimming suit, cap, googles

Can you wear a swim suit as underwear?

yes, if your aboy

How do you swim at the sparkling ocean in ameba pico?

You have to buy a swim suit. Then wear it. After that you can swim in the ocean!

Do i wear a bra under your swim suit?

YOU COULD WEAR A BRA UNDER ANYTHING BUT... Some swim suits have bras like in them. And you could wear a bra under your swim suit BUT it would hart a lot. so don't wear one

What do you wear to your first swimming lesson?

wear a swim cap[get at any sports store],goggles, and,of course,a swim suit.

Can boys wear a girl swim suit?

They can. It may not be comfortable. It was not designed for guys to wear.

What is a funny outfit to wear for swim wear for a talent show?

You could wear a mermaid suit with a tail and everything you could wear a fish suit or whale or anything

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