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Who cares. Kentucky has more

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Q: What years did the Tar Heels win the NCAA Championships?
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How many football championships has the University of North Carolina won?

As of June 2014, the University of North Carolina Tar Heels men's team have won five NCAA Championships in basketball. They were also the Helms champions in 1924, which predated the NCAA tournament. The Tar Hells have been the runner-up four times.

What team defeated the Tar Heels in the 2007 NCAA East regional final?


Who won the men's NCAA basketball championship in 2005?

North Carolina Tar Heels

What team defeated the tar heels in the 2007 NCAA Tournaments East regional final?


Who won the 2009 NCAA division 1 mens basketball championship?

North Carolina Tar Heels

Who won the 1924 NCAA championship?

The North Carolina Tar Heels with and outstanding record of 25 and 0

How many mens basketball championships have the carolina tarheels won?

The Tar Heels have won five titles.

What is the highest achievement of the UNC Tar Heels?

The UNC Tar Heels have had successes with all of their sports teams. They scored victories in the team national championship 39 times. They also won 51 national championships.

Who upset Unc tar heels in the 1999 ncaa tournament?

Weber State beat the Tarheels. GO DUKE

What NCAA team has produced the most male basketball All-Americans?

University of North Carolina Tar Heels have

How many times have the North Carolina tar heels been a number one seed in the NCAA tournament?


Which state has the best basketball team?

well, the Carolina tar heels won the championships last year so probably them!